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The underground passages of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra are now virtual: a walk through 3D caves for everyone

Ukrainian archaeological treasures are on the threshold of digital eternity thanks to a new virtual 3D model of the caves of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. Developed by the Skeiron team, which specializes in laser scanning of cultural heritage, this model has become open to everyone on the company’s platform, writes WomanEL.

This initiative, supported by the Ministry of Culture, opens up an unprecedented opportunity to study the historical and cultural heritage of Ukraine. The caves, located on the territory of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra National Reserve, are not only a place of monastic life, but also an archaeological treasure, where the founder of the monastery Anthony is buried and the relics of 125 saints are still located.

Connect with Ukraine's past by exploring a detailed virtual model of the caves of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. Source: sketchfab.com

The creation of a virtual model is of great importance for the preservation of culture, especially in connection with the possible dangers of destruction. The process of digitizing it took place in two stages: first, the team worked directly in the caves with a laser scanner, and then the received data was processed in the office. This approach makes it possible to preserve a detailed digital model of architectural monuments for future generations and makes it possible to restore objects in case of damage.

The “Save Ukrainian Heritage” project, launched by the Skeiron team in 2022, was an attempt to preserve unique structures of Ukraine , under threat due to Russian aggression. The caves of the Kiev Pechersk Lavra became the 80th object of this project, which became a symbol of the struggle to preserve the history of the country.

By the way, recently the Motherland and other Ukrainian monuments appeared in LEGO format.

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