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The Way of the Wolf: Jack London and His 3 Best Books Everyone Should Read

John Griffith Chaney was born on January 12, 1876 in San Francisco. He became known to the world as the writer Jack London. Over 16 years of literary activity, he wrote 50 books, and most of them are masterpieces. On the birthday of the legend, WomanEL talks about the difficult path the writer took to the literary Olympus and about his 3 best books that will hit you to the heart.

Content“You shouldn’t wait for inspiration, you have to chase it with a club…” The zenith of Jack London’s fameThe best books of Jack London“The Sea Wolf”“White Fang”“Martin Eden” Jack London. Source: Instagram

“You shouldn't wait for inspiration, you have to chase it with a baton…”

The famous American writer did not receive a quality education because, due to poverty, he could not even pay for the tuition. In 1897, Jack London was obsessed with the gold rush and went in search of the precious metal to Alaska. He failed to mine gold and get rich, and he also fell ill with scurvy.

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I gave up writing, deciding that I was a loser, and went to the Klondike for gold,

Jack recalled.

Later, all the adventures of the future writer would become the basis of his numerous stories and novels. So, after returning to gold mining in 1899, London began a serious literary career and wrote “Northern Stories.”

Throughout his life, London treated dogs with respect and was especially fond of wolves. And this is not surprising, because numerous stories by Jack describe the life of this wild animal: “White Fang”, “Brown Wolf”, etc.

Jack devotes all his energy to writing books: the young author wrote almost the whole day , leaving a few hours for rest and sleep. He made it a rule to write a thousand words a day (about five typewritten pages), which he adhered to throughout his life.

The Way of the Wolf… Source: Instagram

The zenith of Jack London's fame

In 1900, a book about the gold rush called “Son of the Wolf” was published. London mined gold with a pencil, not a pickaxe – from that moment on, Jack became famous.

1913 – the zenith of Jack London's fame as a writer. “The Sea Wolf”, “Smoke Bellew”, “Time Doesn’t Wait”, “Martin Eden” and dozens of stories have been translated into the main languages ​​of the world.

He is the most commercial writer on the planet. The fees amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. At the same time, debts and disappointments come. The writer begins to drink.

However, the last dream-symbol remained, his “House of the Wolf”. Jack, like a child, was waiting for its opening. In August 1913, the house, already ready for the universe, was set on fire by “good people” and it burned down to the foundation. Jack arrived at night and watched from the hill as his brainchild burned. From that moment on, London began to be more indifferent to life…

Life always gives a person less than he requires of him,

wrote London.

London wrote. blockquote>

The best books by Jack London

“Sea Wolf”

“Sea wolf”. Source: Instagram

A psychological adventure novel that tells the story of an intelligent man forced to become cruel and learn to survive due to unfortunate circumstances. The main character of the book is the literary critic Humphrey van Weyden. He survived a ship disaster and ended up on the hunting schooner of the immoral captain Vovk Larsen, where he was forced to completely abandon his usual beliefs and principles.

Difficulties morally and physically strengthen the protagonist, and he becomes a courageous fighter for his happiness. The book is full of sea romance, helps you believe in yourself, teaches justice and perseverance.

White Fang

“White Fang”. Source: Instagram

The novel describes the taming of a wolf. It became an allegory of humanity's transition from nature to civilization. Jack London once again wrote a classic tale from an animal's point of view, allowing him to explore the cruel world of wild animals and the equally cruel world of people.

Despite the cruelty, treachery and betrayal of man, White Fang always remains faithful to him .

“Martin Eden”

“Martin Eden.” Source: Instagram

Martin Eden, the main character of this story, is the most real of all Jack London's characters, in some ways similar to the author himself.

Martin is trying to become a writer in order to change his class belonging and earning the girl's love. Having achieved worldwide recognition, he becomes disillusioned with love, money and the environment.

The book encourages deep reflection about the true values ​​of life, the fate of a person, his place in the world and opportunities on the path to success. It also teaches devotion and perseverance in achieving goals.

On the night of November 21-22, 1916, Jack London took a lethal dose of morphine. He was only 40 years old. He withstood and overcame the Klondikes, tropical seas, malaria, hunger and fever. Everything except human envy…

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