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Ukrainian film received an Oscar for the first time

The Ukrainian film industry was marked by a historical achievement, having received global recognition at the most prestigious film award, Oscar 2024. The film “20 days in Mariupol”, created by director and videographer Mstislav Chernov, won in the “Best Feature Documentary Film” category.

It was on the night of March 11, during the live broadcast of “Oscar 2024”, that the Oscars 2024 was announced winner in this category, leaving global audiences in awe of the film's powerful images and powerful message. “20 Days in Mariupol” tells the story of the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukrainian territory, focusing on the first days of the siege of Mariupol.

The film amazed viewers with its strength and truthfulness in reflecting the events that took place during the enemy attack. The film shows the shelling and bombing that devastated the peaceful city, as well as the heroism of local residents who remained on the front line. This is evidence of Russia’s criminal malice and terrorism.

20 days in Mariupol won the 2024 Oscar: Ukrainian cinema rises to the top of the world cinematic art with a film about the war. Source: Deadline Hollywood

“20 days in Mariupol” became not only a symbol of the victory of Ukrainian cinema on the world stage, but also a testament to the truth and courage of the Ukrainian people. Previously, the film has already received a number of prestigious awards, including the BAFTA Film Awards, Sundance, Cinema for Peace 2023, as well as the Directors Guild of America Award. In a matter of months since the film's premiere, it received more than 20 awards and was nominated in 40 categories.

I wish this movie didn't exist. I would like Russia to never attack Ukraine, never to occupy our cities. I would give this award so that Russia does not kill tens of thousands of my fellow Ukrainians and releases all Ukrainian military and civilians who are in captivity,

said the film director.

Director Mstislav Chernov and his team went to the stage of the Dolby Theater “in Hollywood, where he thanked famous stars for their support and recognition. During their speech with a statuette in their hands, they once again addressed the world community, recalling the terrorist actions of Russia and the need for a global response to these crimes.

By the way, recently a Ukrainian at Miss World appeared in the image of Steel lady.

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