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Vinyl duo: Tember Blanche released a limited-edition record

Ukrainian indie pop duo of former street musicians Sasha Ganapolskaya and Vlad Lagoda Tember Blanche made a vinyl gift for fans, says WomanEL.

Vinyl duet Tember Blanche. Source: Instagram

The musicians first released a record called “A Little More Than an Album.” The vinyl contains the second full-length album “You are only human” and 4 singles: “I’m at home”, “about Kiev”, “Dance on the walls” and an exclusive version of the song “Vechernitsy”, created specifically for release on the record.

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The Aby Sho Mzk & label worked on the creation of A Little More Than an Album. Igor Shamych, on which the record was released. A total of 675 white limited edition copies of the LP are available.

The sound of Tember Blanche can be emotional, deep and captivating. There is also a sense of nostalgia and melancholy, while modern elements add freshness and originality to their musical expression.

A little more than album. Source: Instagram

The charming music of young talented artists envelops you in home comfort and attracts you with its sincerity and warmth. Enjoy…

Previously, Tember Blanche’s song “In Time Before 30” became the soundtrack to the series of the same name from the TET TV channel.

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