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Virtual Bridge across the Atlantic: how to overcome 5000 km with the help of art

The Portal installation, created by Lithuanian artist Benediktas Gillis, broadcasts video between New York's Flatiron South and North Earl Street in Dublin. This virtual bridge united people across the Atlantic, says WomanEL.

As UPI writes, The Portal allows real-time communication over a distance of 3,000 miles (about 4,830 km). The portals have large round screens and cameras that transmit images.

Virtual bridge across the Atlantic. Source: Instagram

According to the author of the concept, portals are an invitation to meet people beyond borders and differences, and to feel the world as it really is – united and united.

Live streaming opens a window between distant places, allowing people to meet outside their social circles and cultures, transcend geographic boundaries and embrace the beauty of global interconnectedness,

noted Benediktas Gillies.

The installation software was developed by Video Window, a British technology company. For this project, the company created a special API that protects Portal from hacking and ensures security during constant video communication.

This is not the first installation from the company. Initially, Portal connected Vilnius (Lithuania) and Lublin (Poland). This is the first project that provided support across the ocean, connecting Dublin in Ireland and New York in the USA.

Ukrainian Vladimir Manzhos previously designed Hermes windows in Japan.

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