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What is the difference between a handpoke and a tattoo: features of the unique drawing technique

Thinking about a tattoo? People have been making them for centuries. And it remains a fun (albeit constant) way to express your personality. But there are other options besides machine tattoos that you may not be familiar with. Stick-and-Poke tattoos (another name for handpoke) are a new trend that we decided to talk about. What is the difference between a handpoke and a tattoo using a machine? Will it hurt?

Content< /i>What are Stick-and-Poke tattoos? What is the difference between a handpoke and a machine tattoo? How long do Stick-and-Poke tattoos last? Does a Stick-and-Poke tattoo hurt?

WomanEL will list the features of this beauty procedure so that you understand whether it is suitable for you or not.

What are Stick-and-tattoos Poke?

Stick-and-poke tattoos, also known as handpoke tattoos, are the oldest form of tattooing. While the conventional procedure uses a machine that quickly moves a needle up and down the skin, the Stick-and-Poke technique eliminates the buzzing electrical device. Artists manually apply ink under the skin using a pencil-like tool or tattoo needle, lightly piercing the skin several times to create the desired image.

As Master Svietliy, an artist of sacred symbolism, says, this technique requires a steady hand and allows you to create elegant, detailed designs. It is believed to have its roots in ancient practices of various cultures, although it has become widely popular throughout the world due to its simplicity and minimal equipment required.

What is the difference between a handpoke and a tattoo using a machine?

Handpoke tattoo excludes the use of a machine, Source: freepik.com

Machine tattoos and handpoke tattoos are a way to leave a permanent design on your skin. However, if the work is done poorly, the tattoo may fade significantly over time. In terms of the speed of each technique, machine tattooing is much faster than the handpoke technique, since each mark is applied individually by the artist.

And when it comes to pain, it is always subjective and depends on the person. The handpoke technique involves a series of pokes into the skin while an electric machine draws a needle and ink through the skin.

How How long do Stick-and-Poke tattoos last?

Like regular tattoos, Stick-and-Poke tattoos can last a lifetime if done correctly. A common misconception about this technique is that since it is done by hand, these tattoos are less durable, which is not true.

“When applied correctly by an experienced artist, these tattoos often maintain their precision and definition longer than machine tattoos,” says Master Svietliy. “This is because a properly executed hand-applied tattoo minimizes trauma to the skin, avoiding scarring that can cause the ink to bleed and smear over time.”

However, Stick-and-Poke tattoos tend to fade if done incorrectly. They may still be visible, but will become much lighter over time.

As with machine tattoos, if you want to get rid of a Stick-and-Poke tattoo, laser removal is the most effective way to do it.

Does it hurt to get a Stick-and-Poke tattoo?

We can all agree that getting a needle into your skin is not a very pleasant experience, but when it comes to a Stick-and-Poke tattoo, various factors can affect your comfort level and overall experience.

In -Firstly, the level of pain depends on the location of the tattoo. According to Healthline, the legs, feet, neck and under the breasts are the most painful areas for both men and women, while the arms are usually less of a concern. Your experience may also depend on the artist and his professionalism.

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