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Which is better: walking outside or on a treadmill?

When it comes to daily movement, few things beat walking. It's an affordable, adaptable, and equipment-free activity that can be squeezed into even the busiest schedule. And while being outside in the fresh air and sunlight has many unbeatable benefits, sometimes it's more convenient to walk on a treadmill. But a question arises. What is better: walking outside or on a treadmill?

ContentWhich is better: walking on the street or on a treadmill: the advantages of the former Cons of walking in the fresh air Which is better: walking on the street or on a treadmill: the advantages of the latter Disadvantages of walking on a treadmill Summary: what is better walking on the street or on a treadmill

WomanEL reminds us that walking of any kind provides many benefits beyond cardiovascular health; things like mood and cognitive function, coordination and balance may improve. But training indoors and outdoors has its own characteristics. You will learn about them now.

Which is better: walking outside or on a treadmill: the advantages of the former

Here are the main advantages of walking in the fresh air:

  • Muscular load, balance and coordination. All trails are different, unlike running tracks. Walking on uneven and difficult surfaces presents unique challenges. They improve coordination, muscle strength, balance and quality of life, helping to develop motor skills that prevent falls in later years.
  • Mental, emotional and cognitive effects. Numerous studies show that spending time outdoors, especially in green and blue spaces, reduces stress, increases mood, positivity and working memory, reduces anxiety, increases feelings of calm and creativity.
  • Walk in the fresh air air is also a great way to connect with community or friends.
  • Exposure to sunlight. A sunny environment stimulates the body's production of vitamin D, which has many health benefits.

Disadvantages of walking outdoors

Why walking outside is not always safe, Source: freepik.com

Despite the benefits of going beyond your four walls, there are also disadvantages to be aware of when exploring the great outdoors. Access to the street or safe places to walk may be limited, especially when there are no sidewalks or when there is ice. Things like the environment, crime rates, wildlife and other threats can make the outdoors less safe.

Which is better: walking outside or on a treadmill: the benefits of the latter

Treadmills offer a convenient alternative to walking outdoors, but also have their own unique advantages.

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  • Convenience and accessibility. You can buy them for your home and practice in any weather. No excuses!
  • Multitasking. While it's not ideal, if you have a busy schedule, walking on the treadmill can allow you to get a few more things done on your to-do list, like making an important call or reading a book.
  • Monitor your workout. The benefit of treadmills is that they provide greater control and tracking of your speed and can measure changes over time.
  • New treadmills usually have cushioning technology. So if you have creaky joints or need extra cushioning when walking, you may find it more comfortable to walk on a treadmill than to go outside.
  • Disadvantages of walking on a treadmill

    Despite their convenience, treadmills also have some disadvantages. Obviously, by not enjoying nature's natural gifts, you are missing out on the benefits that fresh air can provide.

    You may also become bored with walking on a treadmill, which, even with the most fancy workouts, can become monotonous after a while .

    Additionally, you may have to “work harder” to get the same benefits as being outside. To achieve the same workload, you need to maintain a constant speed but increase the incline by 1-2% to simulate walking outdoors.

    Bottom line: is it better to walk outside or on a treadmill

    Walking—whether it's a walk in natural surroundings or on a jogging track—is an effective way to take care of your physical and mental health. But choosing between them isn't always easy or even possible, depending on where you live, the climate, or whether you have access to safe outdoor spaces.

    Treadmills offer a safe and effective alternative to increase activity and may improve blood flow, concentration and energy. But when the sun is shining and the fresh air beckons, outdoor recreation is hard to beat. Combining positive environmental influences with physical activity enhances almost all of the health benefits of walking.

    Each training method has its advantages and disadvantages, but there is no reason to stick to just one method. Mix them up and choose what keeps you motivated and feeling good. Whether you're an outdoor adventurer or prefer getting on the treadmill (perhaps combined with your favorite TV show), something that gets you moving is best.

    If you choose to go for a walk outside air, don't make these mistakes. They will reduce its effectiveness!

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