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Which zodiac signs will get rich in 2024: astrologer’s forecast

We all want to have a lot of money, so as not to deny ourselves anything, to live independently and for our own pleasure. But in real life, financial life has its ups and downs. Will this year be a good year for you? Recently, astrologer Letao Wang compiled a horoscope and told which zodiac signs will get rich in 2024.

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WomanEL will share his forecast and advice for 3 lucky ones. Perhaps you and your sign will be one of them.

Which zodiac signs will get rich in 2024

Certain planetary positions are promising right now when it comes to potential wealth accumulation and financial success.

Soon you will have more money in savings, extra money, which you can spend on yourself, and the opportunity to improve your life. When it comes to money, Jupiter and Venus are especially important because “they're both traditionally associated with abundance and prosperity,” Wang tells Bustle.

Jupiter, also known as the Great Benefic, rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces and symbolizes luck, success, abundance and expansion. While Venus, the ruler of Taurus and Libra, values ​​love, luxury, material wealth and financial resources. Depending on where these planets are in the sky at the moment, your zodiac sign could be on its way to getting rich soon. Or at the very least, it could mean that you will experience greater financial success in the form of promotions, raises, and good fortune.


After studying planetary transits for the next few months, Wang says there are a few zodiac signs that stand out when it comes to financial upswings. And Taurus is definitely at the top of the list. Jupiter moves into the second house, symbolizing money, finances, talent and value. According to him, this transit occurs only once every 12 years, and it will bring a significant boost to all money-related areas of their lives.

All sorts of financial fortunes and lucrative career opportunities will come your way, although you you'll have to put in some effort. This is a good reminder that you should reconsider the value of your time and consider negotiating with your boss for higher pay.

According to Wang, Taurus should not hesitate to initiate such conversations. Moreover, in May, Jupiter will also pass through Gemini, the planet of communication ruled by Mercury. This is a signal for you to act and speak clearly so that you finally get what you deserve.


The future will be especially favorable for Virgo as Venus enters your 8th house and Jupiter enters your 10th. According to Wang, these planetary movements will bring great changes in your career as well as great financial success.

Jupiter's transit to the 10th house will help you with career growth and networking, while Venus's transit to the 8th house will bring financial assistance and resources.

“This alignment suggests a period where Virgo's hard work and dedication will pay off significant material reward,” he says. “For those Virgos who doubt the results of their hard work, the answer is clear: your efforts are about to bear very tangible results.”

Think about what it will be like when you get that much-needed promotion or raise. You'll feel very rich – literally and figuratively – when you upgrade your apartment or finally buy a new car.


Scorpios will be lucky in finances in 2024, Source: freepik.com

“Rich and lucky Jupiter will transit Scorpio's 8th house, which represents all financial matters affecting you as well as your partner and family,” says Wang.

This is why you may see a sudden increase in your joint finances, for example, your partner will receive a promotion, which will benefit your relationship. A pile of money could also fall your way due to an accidental inheritance from a great-aunt you didn't even know about.

Although it may be difficult for an independent Scorpio to accept help or support from others, Wang says it's completely normal to enjoy these moments of prosperity, even if they are not the result of your own efforts.

However, Jupiter's movement can also trigger your own transformation. This could manifest itself in a promotion at work, greater success in a side hustle you're trying to monetize, or even winning the lottery – so get ready to treat yourself soon.

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