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Who is Dmitry Gordon by nationality: Jewish or Ukrainian?

Many people know Dmitry Gordon as a bright Ukrainian journalist who conducted more than 1,100 interviews with famous cultural figures, sports, politics and more. The 56-year-old founder of the online publication GORDON has his own unique journalistic and wardrobe style. His videos on social networks quickly become popular and viral. But do you know where Dmitry was born? One of the questions that Ukrainians often ask about him is who is Dmitry Gordon by nationality.

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By the way, the journalist himself answered this question in one of the videos on the Dmitry Gordon channel. WomanEL decided to summarize everything that I learned about the origin of the owner of two “Golden YouTube Buttons”.

Who are Dmitry Gordon's parents

Dmitry Gordon is pictured on the left with his mother Mina Davidovna, on the right he is with his father, Source: insta : gordondmytro + facebook.com/gordondmitry

Dmitry Ilyich Gordon was born in the city of Kyiv in 1967 into a family of native Kiev residents. His father is Ilya Yakovlevich Gordon, a designer and architect (“plus also a little bit of an engineer,” as Dmitry says). Mother – engineer-economist Mina Davidovna (maiden name unknown). It is generally accepted that the only children in the family are pampered, but Dmitry was raised in strictness.

The first year of his life was spent in a communal apartment with his parents and grandmother on Tolstoy Square. The conditions there were harsh: many families, facilities in the yard and a toilet with rats. But then the family received a separate two-room apartment on Borshchagovka, which seemed to them already a mansion.

Who is Dmitry Gordon by nationality

The surname Gordon is of Anglo-Scottish origin: Lord George Gordon converted to Judaism in 1787. As Toldot writes, from England this surname then came to Germany. Another version is that this surname is associated with the place of birth or service of its ancestor. Perhaps he was born or served in the city of Grodno (now it is a city in Belarus). In any case, this surname is considered Jewish.

In 2019, Dmitry Gordon said on his YouTube channel that he is an ethnic Jew and is proud of his Jewishness. But at the same time, the journalist considers himself a Ukrainian, because he is a patriot of his country. In his opinion, all residents of Ukraine, regardless of origin, are Ukrainians.

Dmitry Gordon: interesting facts from his biography

  • By the age of 5, Dmitry knew by heart all the countries of the world and their capitals.
  • He graduated from school at the age of 15, because I didn’t study in the sixth grade (I went straight from the fifth to the seventh).
  • In 1983 he entered the Kiev Institute of Civil Engineering (now it is the Kiev National University of Construction and Architecture).
  • He was suggested to try himself in journalism by a guy who wrote about football in the Voroshilovgrad newspaper “Molodogvardeets”. Dmitry first interviewed Leonid Buryak, a Dynamo football player, and began writing articles for leading Kyiv newspapers.
  • After his third year at KISS, he served for two years near Leningrad in the Operational-Tactical Missile Forces.
  • < li>As a result, I received an assignment from KISS not to a construction site, but to the editorial office of the newspaper “Evening Kyiv.”

  • In June 2019, Gordon headed the election headquarters of the Strength and Honor party.
  • At the end of 2021, Gordon topped the rating of the most popular bloggers in Ukraine. In 202, he was ranked 3rd in the same rating.
  • The popularity of Dmitry’s blog on YouTube is amazing. He became the only Ukrainian blogger on whose channel the number of video views exceeds 1 billion.
  • But Gordon is not only the first in this. If you haven't heard yet, the journalist has become the hero of the global NFT trend. As a reminder, NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique cryptographic tokens that exist on the blockchain and cannot be replicated. The Super Gordon collection features 3,500 unique images of the journalist in various looks. He himself participated in the development of designs. The journalist directs part of the proceeds to help the Ukrainian army.
  • Gordon is the father of seven children.

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