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Who is Maxim Galkin by nationality: Jewish or not?

Maxim Galkin often spoke in support of Ukraine. Moreover, just recently he addressed subscribers and admitted that his childhood was spent in Odessa, where he studied the Ukrainian language. So every missile strike on this city deeply wounds his heart. This further fueled the interest of fans of the 47-year-old artist about his origins. Who is Maxim Galkin by nationality?

ContentWho are Maxim Galkin’s parentsWhere does Maxim Galkin know Ukrainian?Who is Maxim Galkin’s nationality

How is the showman connected with Ukraine? And who were his parents? WomanEL will tell you about all this now.

Who are Maxim Galkin's parents

The future pop artist was born into a family of a military man and a scientist. His father, military officer Alexander Alexandrovich Galkin, met Natalya Grigorievna Pragina near Lugansk. She was the daughter of a colonel and fell in love with Alexander. Her father, Grigory Robertovich Pragin, oddly enough, was against the marriage. All because he wanted Galkin to build a brilliant career, and it seemed to him that having a Jewish wife could destroy these dreams.

The artist spoke about this in an interview with Russian literary commentator and teacher Galina Yuzefovich.

The artist spoke about this in an interview with Russian literary commentator and teacher Galina Yuzefovich.

But Maxim’s father got married anyway. Moreover, as a sign of protest, he always indicated in the questionnaires that his wife was Jewish. This did not prevent Alexander Alexandrovich from rising to the rank of colonel general and heading the Main Armored Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR and the Russian Federation. In addition, he was a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Despite this high rank and achievements, as Maxim says in the above-mentioned interview, his parents always adhered to liberal views.

Where does Maxim Galkin know Ukrainian?

Maxim Galkin’s mother and his maternal grandfather, Source: instagram.com/maxgalkinru

Natalia Pragina was born in Odessa into a Jewish family . Her father, Grigory Robertovich Pragin, was also a great man. As Maxim writes on his social network, his grandfather went through the entire war from the first to the last day, participated in the Battle of Stalingrad, liberated Odessa, Yugoslavia, and Hungary.

The artist remembers with a lump in his throat that his great-grandmother was hanged in a house in Odessa when the Germans entered the city during the Second World War. He still doesn't know where her grave is.

Their family moved many times due to their father's military career. Maxim was born in Naro-Fominsk, but also lived in the GDR. When he was 7 years old, they lived in Odessa, where he studied in the first 3 grades of school. It was there that he studied the Ukrainian language.

Who is Maxim Galkin by nationality

By nationality, Galkin is half Russian (on his father’s side), half Jewish (on his mother’s side). Now Maxim and Alla Borisovna live in Israel. The artist loves this country very much and does not intend to move: many thought that their family would do this after the Hamas invasion of Israel.

As for Alla Pugacheva, not everyone knows who her parents really were. Here's what we found out.

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