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Who is Mikhail Shats by nationality and where does he live now?

Mikhail Shats is a famous comedian and TV presenter, author of the YouTube channel “SHATS”. Despite a successful career on Russian television, the 58-year-old showman is not ready to compromise his principles. Like his ex-wife, Tatyana Lazareva, Mikhail opposed the war in Ukraine. In 2022, it became known that he was leaving the Russian Federation. Where did he go and why? Who is Mikhail Shats by nationality: is it true that he is Jewish?

ContentWho are the parents of Mikhail ShatsWho is Mikhail Shats by nationalityWhere is Mikhail Shats now?

There are now many Russian stars living in Israel who do not agree with the official authorities and who have been declared foreign agents. But is a stand-up comedian one of them? WomanEL will tell you about all this now.

Who are the parents of Mikhail Shats

Mikhail Shats was born in an intelligent Jewish family, Source: instagram.com/mikhailshats

The future comedian was born in 1965 in Leningrad (USSR). His father, Grigory Solomonovich Shats, was a soldier and Air Force officer. He traveled a lot in his service, and one day he ended up in Kazakhstan, where he met Sarah Bronislavovna Milyavskaya. Mikhail’s mother was a pediatrician and exiled to this republic because of the “Doctors’ Plot” – one of the most resonant campaigns against Jews. Prominent Soviet doctors were accused of conspiracy and murder of some leaders of the Soviet Union.

In 1960, the family settled in Leningrad. Mikhail’s father switched to teaching, his mother worked as a doctor, and after retirement she became the head of the phthisiology department at the Filatov Hospital. By the way, Mikhail followed in his mother’s footsteps and chose the procession of a doctor: he received the specialty “anesthesiologist-resuscitator” and worked in this field for 6 years. However, already in his student years it became obvious that Mikhail had talent and a desire for creativity.

What is Mikhail Shats’ nationality

By nationality, Mikhail is Jewish (both from his father and mother). The surname Schatz is an abbreviation, “shliach zibur” (from Hebrew – “messenger of the community”), the leader of prayer, as Mikhail told the online project 12-13. club. This was the name of the cantor who conducted services in the synagogue.

His mother was born in Minsk, her family comes from Polish Jews from Lodz and other Polish cities. The TV presenter was interested in his roots and tried to find out more. But, unfortunately, many branches of his family end during the Holocaust.

Where is Mikhail Shats now?

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The actor and TV presenter received Israeli citizenship back in 2016, but he continued to live in the Russian Federation. After the events of 2022, Mikhail became completely disillusioned and decided to move. The choice fell on Spain, where his wife lives (from January 25, 2024 – ex).

Now he lives in Israel, Tel Aviv, in a rented apartment with his daughter, because… felt a pull towards the roots. As the artist Ksenia Sobchak admitted in an interview, emigration is not easy for him, because in addition to real estate, his friends remain in the Russian Federation. Let us remind you that on September 2, 2022, Mikhail was added to the list of foreign agents.

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