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Who is Nargiz by nationality: little-known facts about the 53-year-old singer

Singer, rock musician and TV presenter Nargiz is a very prominent figure in world show business. She is not afraid of bold statements and attracts attention not only with her unconventional appearance, but also with her strong voice. The 53-year-old artist often publishes posts in support of Ukraine on her social network. And Ukrainians respond to her with mutual love. But the star’s biography is shrouded in fog: not everyone knows where she was born and who Nargiz really is by nationality.

Content Who are the parents of Nargiz ZakirovaWho is Nargiz by nationalityHow did Nargiz end up in the USA?

Why does she consider herself a US patriot? And how did she end up there? First things first. WomanEL wants to share with you interesting details of the origins of the talented singer.

Who are Nargiz Zakirova’s parents< /h2>Photo by Nargiz Zakirova and her father, Source: instagram.com/nargizzakirova_official

The future star was born on October 6, 1970 in the city of Tashkent (now Uzbekistan, but at that time UzSSR, USSR). Since childhood, she has been surrounded by creativity and art. Her mother is Luiza Karimovna Zakirova, in the 60s she was a very famous Uzbek pop singer. Louise performed with her brother, Batyr, who not only sang beautifully (he was called the “nightingale of the Uzbek stage”), but also became famous as a composer.

It is not known from whom exactly Nargiz adopted her talent, because her father, Pulat Sionovich Mordukhaev was a drummer in his youth, his grandmother was a soloist in a musical theater, and his grandfather was an opera singer. The whole family was somehow connected with creativity. The girl grew up inspired by the achievements of her family. Her mother took her on tour, and her daughter very quickly decided on what she wanted to become in the future.

Who is Nargiz by nationality

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As you already understand, Nargiz has her mother’s last name, but why? The fact is that her father is a Bukharian Jew (Jewish ethnolinguistic group). Until the 1970s, Bukharian Jews lived in Central Asia, mainly in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. It’s no secret that in the past they tried not to talk about being Jewish, which is why the question arose of what surname to give the girl. Mother is Uzbek, and also a famous singer. It was decided that it would be better to write down Nargiz’s surname as Zakirova, rather than Mordukhaeva.

To summarize, Nargiz is half Jewish (on her father’s side) and half Uzbek (on her mother’s side). But, since among Jews, nationality is passed on through the mother, and not through the father, we can say that Nargiz is, after all, an Uzbek by nationality.

How did Nargiz end up in the USA?

In 1995, the artist moved to the USA with her parents and daughter. Perhaps this was partly her escape. The girl needed creative freedom; it was important for her that no one infringe on her. She was called the Uzbek Madonna for her revealing outfits (short shorts) and white dyed hair. But there were those who condemned her provocative (for that time) style of clothing, appearance and even manner of performance (she tried to perform rock). And now a new stage in her life has begun. At first, life in America was not sweet for Nargiz, but gradually the singer was able to make her way, performed in restaurants and even worked with famous musicians.

Nargiz and her three children are US citizens. Although she performed in Russia for a long time and achieved considerable heights thanks to her participation in the Russian “Voice”, the path to this country is closed to her. When she supported Ukraine in the war with the Russian Federation, the authorities banned her entry until 2072. But it seems that the star is not at all upset about this. She continues to do what she loves and delights fans with her new compositions.

An unexpected fact: the singer loves to get tattoos, and she made one of them out of love for Ukraine – in the form of a trident on her hand.

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