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Women rule: why in Odessa the fair sex will be put behind the wheel of minibuses

The war brought many problems, and now another one has appeared – the personnel shortage of public transport drivers, because many men have been mobilized. In Odessa, they found a way out: now women will drive buses, says WomanEL.

City mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov. Source: biz.censor.net

The mayor of Odessa, Gennady Trukhanov, spoke about this. According to the mayor, Odessa has ten buses from German partners, and the city is also negotiating with Istanbul about the transfer of such transport.

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There is a problem with drivers, including because some went to the front. We agreed with our partners that we will teach women who want to drive such vehicles. So far there are few men because many have gone to defend our state,

Trukhanov said.

The German city of Regensburg donated ten low-floor passenger buses to Odessa. The city plans to create a new route for these buses, connecting the Kotovsky residential area and the city center.

Now the buses will be driven by women. Source: ukraina.info

We have schools where they teach, but both Regensburg and Berlin have agreed to train drivers. If we run a route, we must be sure that it will work. And if someone gets sick and the bus doesn’t come out and people don’t get to work, it will be worse than not running it,

the mayor noted.

Currently, out of the required 18 drivers, there are only seven. Foreign partners from Berlin and Regensburg are already ready to help with the training of female drivers, because the problem of shortage of personnel is very acute in the city.

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