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Your own scent: how Elena Mozgovaya made her old dream come true

50-year-old Ukrainian producer and volunteer Elena Mozgovaya decided to realize her old dream and create her own fragrance, tells WomanEL.

Elena Mozgova's own fragrance. Source: Facebook

According to the star, she proposed this idea to the chief perfumer of Ukraine, Vlad Zvarich. The discussion continued for almost six hours about what the future fragrance should be. The producer said that her strongest memories and emotions are associated with matiola. This seemingly inconspicuous flower releases an intoxicating aroma at sunset.

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I would call it the process of conception“< /strong>. Now the maestro must carry this child to term and give birth. I must inspire and help at all stages. These are such interesting roles – it will be the scent of Matiola,

Elena admitted.

Elena has long been observing the politics of the global film industry and advertising campaigns fashion houses, covers of the most popular glossies. And they give grounds to assert that women after 50 are being brought out of the zone of oblivion.

This makes society understand that these women 50, 60, 70 continue to exist and have interests, desires, plans, dreams, an interesting life full of meaning, and not grandchildren – retirement – death. This is good. Society is changing before our eyes, Mozgovaya noted.

Dreams must come true. At any age and even in dark times…

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