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Zlata Ognevich spoke about her readiness for pregnancy

Ukrainian singer Zlata Ognevich commented on rumors about her new romantic relationship and spoke about her desire to become a mother, writes WomanEL.

In a conversation with Slava Demin, the singer admitted that she was in a state of love and was striving to start a family. However, she cannot yet share more detailed information about her relationship.

When should I If I have something to tell you, I'll tell you. I can't comment. There is nothing that I could tell. It’s still very early,

Ognevich noted.

The artist also shared her dreams of adding to the family and expressed a desire to adopt a child. She noted that she wants to have a child from her beloved man, but is also considering the possibility of adoption.

Zlata Ognevich plans to consider the possibility of adoption with future partner. Source: instagram.com/zlata.ognevich

I will wait a little longer and will give birth to a child from my beloved men. I really want a family. I want my child to have a father and look up to not only the woman in the family, but also the father. But I understand women who are single mothers for various reasons. It's painful and incredibly difficult. I even thought about taking the child from the orphanage. These are just ideas, but it's not scary. I'm not afraid. On the contrary, I wanted to talk to my other half about whether he agreed to have a child from the orphanage and his own. That would be cool,

the singer added.

Zlata Ognevich admitted that she plans to discuss the issue of adoption with her future partner in order to make a joint decision regarding this important step.

By the way, glass doors recently fell on Zlata Ognevich.

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