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Gerashchenko won the first medal of the 2024 Diamond League season for Ukraine

ByИван Дунаев

May 10, 2024

 Gerashchenko won for Ukraine the first medal of the 2024 Diamond League season

Irina became the silver medalist of the high jump competition at the stage in Doha.

Ukrainian jumper in height Irina Gerashchenko won a silver medal at the third stage of the Diamond League 2024 in Doha (Qatar).

Irina took a height of 1.91 meters, ahead of additional indicators from Australian Eleanor Patterson. The winner was Serbian Angelina Topic, who achieved a height of 1.94 meters.

Another Ukrainian Yulia Levchenko took eighth place with a result of 1.84 meters.

Note that the main Ukrainian jumping star in height, Yaroslav Maguchikh missed the stage in Doha. Previously, she confirmed her participation in the seventh stage of the Diamond League, which will take place on June 2 in Stockholm – before the 2024 European Championship in Rome, which begins on June 7.

Diamond League 2024. Third stage. High jump (women)

1. Angelina Topic (Serbia) – 1.94 m

2. Irina Gerashchenko (Ukraine) – 1.91 m

3. Eleanor Patterson (Australia) – 1.91 m

8. Yulia Levchenko (Ukraine) – 1.84 m

Dya Gerashchenko’s competition in Doha was the first in 2024. She missed the winter part of the season.

Irina’s medal was the first for Ukraine in the 2024 Diamond League season.


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