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In France, a football player of the Ukrainian national team is accused of racism: details of the scandal

ByИван Дунаев

Apr 26, 2024

 In France Ukrainian national team player is accused of racism: details of the scandal

The disciplinary committee is investigating the incident involving Daniil Ignatenko.

Ukrainian midfielder of the French club Bordeaux Daniil Ignatenko is accused of racism.

According to the publication L'Equipe, the 27-year-old Ukrainian during the match of the 34th round of League 2 (second according to the rank of the French division – approx.) with Dunkirk allegedly called the opposing defender Alyoun Ba “black pussy”, which literally translates as “black pussy”, but is also used in the meaning of “black p***a”.

The source reports that Ba immediately complained to the chief referee, and after the match, Dunkirk contacted the league's Disciplinary Committee, which is now investigating the incident. The verdict in the Ignatenko case is expected on May 16.

Both clubs have already published official statements condemning any manifestations of racism. Bordeaux also promised to apply sanctions to the Ukrainian if his guilt is proven.

Ignatenko has been playing for Bordeaux since January 2022. The midfielder played 80 matches for the French club, in which he scored 4 goals and 5 assists.

Ignatenko has six matches for the Ukrainian national team, in which he scored one goal.


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