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Loud scandal in Turkey: Fenerbahçe withdrew from the Super Cup match a minute after it started

ByИван Дунаев

Apr 8, 2024

 Loud scandal in Turkey: Fenerbahçe withdrew from the Super Cup match a minute after the start

"Canaries" decided to boycott the match with Galatasaray.

The match for the Turkish Football Super Cup ended almost immediately after the starting whistle. Fenerbahçe players left the field in the 2nd minute of the match with Galatasaray.

In this way, the “canaries” responded to the refusal of the local football federation to postpone the match for the Super Cup – Fenerbahçe asked to play on a different date, since the first match of the 1/4 finals of the Conference League against the Greek Olympiacos is scheduled to take place on April 11.

In response, Fenerbahçe organized a boycott of the game with Galatasaray. The club fielded a youth team, which conceded a goal in the first minute of the match – Mauro Icardi scored. After that, the Canaries players left the field and never returned.

B in turn, Galatasaray immediately began to celebrate winning the trophy, since Fenerbahçe would now receive a technical defeat.

Galatasaray then decided to play a match against their reserve team so that the fans who arrived to another city for the Super Cup game, watched at least some fight.

Let us add that these events were preceded by another big scandal. Fenerbahçe intended to withdraw from the Turkish championship due to an attack by Trabzonspor fans on Canary players after the match of the 30th round of the national championship. The management of Fenerbahçe is considering the option of leaving the Turkish Super League.

“Today, when we take to the field not to win, but to defend our rights, we want to emphasize: not only in football , but in every industry to which we belong, we have served Turkish sport throughout our 117-year history. Our museum houses thousands of trophies earned by our labor. We share national values ​​​​along with 30 million fans. We will continue to insist on this today , tomorrow, like yesterday,” Fenerbahçe said in a statement after the boycott of the Turkish Super Cup match.

Note that Fenerbahçe is now in second place in the Turkish Championship. The Canaries' gap from leader Galatasaray is only two points.


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