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Rebrov became the record holder for the number of strong-willed victories at the head of the Ukrainian national team

ByИван Дунаев

Mar 22, 2024

 Rebrov became record holder for the number of strong-willed victories at the head of the Ukrainian national team

Under the leadership of Sergei Stanislavovich, the “blue-yellows” won matches in which they were inferior three times.

Sergei Rebrovbecame the record holder of the Ukrainian national team for the number of strong-willed victories as head coach of the national teams in official matches.

The semi-final match of the play-off qualifying for Euro 2024 against Bosnia and Herzegovina was the third for Rebrov at the head of the Ukrainian national team, in which he won, being inferior in the score .

The meeting at the Bilino Pole stadium in Bosnian Zenica ended with the score 1:2in favor of the Ukrainians. Rebrov's team missed out first, but then, thanks to goals from Roman Yaremchuk and Artem Dovbik, made a comeback and won a ticket to the playoff finals for reaching the continental championship.

Thus, the Blues “yellows” for the third time under the leadership of Rebrov won an official match, in which they were inferior in score. Earlier, the Ukrainian national team won strong victories over North Macedonia and Malta in the group stage of qualifying for Euro 2024.

Throughout its history, the Ukrainian national team has won strong-willed victories in official matches 8 times. The last time before Rebrov this happened back in June 2012 – in the group round of the home European Championship against Sweden (2:1).

All strong-willed victories of the Ukrainian national team in official matches

September 6, 1995. Lithuania – Ukraine 1:3 (from 1:0). Coach – Anatoly Konkov

October 7, 2000. Armenia – Ukraine 2:3 (from 2:0). Coach – Valery Lobanovsky

June 7, 2003. Ukraine – Armenia 4:3 (from 0:1 and 1:2). Coach – Leonid Buryak

September 6, 2006. Ukraine – Georgia 3:2 (from 1:2). Coach – Oleg Blokhin

June 11, 2012. Ukraine – Sweden 2:1 (from 0:1). Coach – Oleg Blokhin

June 16, 2023. North Macedonia – Ukraine 2:3 (from 2:0). Coach – Sergey Rebrov

October 17, 2023. Malta – Ukraine 1:3 (from 1:0). Coach – Sergey Rebrov

March 21, 2023. Bosnia and Herzegovina – Ukraine 1:2 (from 1:0). Coach – Sergey Rebrov

In the final of the playoff qualifying for Euro 2024, the “blue-yellows” will compete for a ticket to the European Championship with Iceland, which in the other semi-final defeated Israel (4: 1).

The match between Ukraine and Iceland will take place on Tuesday, March 26, at the Tarczynski Arena Wroclaw stadium in Wroclaw, Poland. The starting whistle will sound at 21:45 Kyiv time.

We would like to remind you that if they reach the Euro 2024 final tournament, the Ukrainian national team will play there in Group E against Belgium, Slovakia and Romania.

The matches of the Euro 2024 final tournament from June 14 to July 14, 2024 will be held in Germany.


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