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Rebrov said whether Tsygankov is ready to help the Ukrainian national team in the match with Iceland for reaching the European Championship

ByИван Дунаев

Mar 25, 2024

 Rebrov said whether Tsygankov is ready to help the Ukrainian national team in the match with Iceland for qualifying for the European Championship

Mentor of the “blue-yellows” answered questions from journalists before the decisive match.

The head coach of the Ukrainian national team Sergey Rebrov gave a press conference on the eve of the final match playoff qualifying for Euro 2024with the Iceland team.

Including the “blue-yellow” coach spoke about his readiness to take part in the match with midfielder Viktor Tsygankov, who recently returned to training in the general group of the national team after an injury.

Rebrov’s full answers to journalists’ questions are provided by the official UAF website.

Ready Should I play Viktor Tsygankov?

“I hope he trains for a few days.” We'll make a decision tomorrow. The most important thing now is his physical condition.

Is there an opportunity tomorrow to see the formation of the Ukrainian national team with two strikers?

– Yes, there is a possibility.

– Is the team under pressure due to an important match ? What is its morale? state in recent days ?

– I think that not only the national team players are under pressure, but the whole of Ukraine. Every day we receive rocket attacks. Football players understand who they are playing for. This game is very important for all of us, to help our people, to provide some emotions. I can't say it's pressure. I told the players: it is very important for you to do what you love and can do, to do it well on the field. So tomorrow they should focus on the game and not think about other things.

What are the biggest threats facing the Icelandic team?

– This is a strong team with very high-quality players. We understand how strong this opponent is. But I believe in my players. We must use our best sides.

Do you enjoy your work?

– It is always a great pleasure for me to work for Ukraine, at any time. Now this is even more important. I’m interested, I love working with Ukrainian players who understand me and are trying to do something with me. This is really a very honor for me.

– How ready is Alexander Zinchenko to play two matches in a row?

– I don’t know, we’ll see tomorrow. We haven't decided yet whether he will play or not. Alexander deserves to play, he is a patriot. Unfortunately, he missed a lot at Arsenal. Therefore, we will now make a decision.

How different is the modern Iceland team from the one you had to play against and score against?

– I read that I scored against Iceland, but I don’t even remember that goal or that opponent. Now Iceland has improved a lot. They have taken a big step in terms of discipline. I read about Iceland – they made a lot of schools and fields in their little country. Now this is a completely different team than in those years.

Is it true that football players now think exclusively about football, despite the context in which we live?

– It’s always hard for the players before the match – the day before they feel this atmosphere, the pressure. But, as far as I remember from myself, after entering the field you forget about everything. Yes, the players are a little nervous, but when they start work, they will only think about the game.

But if you are talking in the context of war… Today I saw how the football players were on their phones, looking at what happening in Ukraine, about shelling. It's hard for them because there are families there. I'm sure they will be more angry, motivated, and charged for the game.

– How appropriate is it to make replacement goalkeepers in such double matches?

– Anything can happen in the national team. But I am pleased that our goalkeepers have practice at a very high level. Tomorrow we will make a decision.

The Ukrainian national team has been very active in the media lately. Often coaches of Ukrainian teams are against such activity. How do you feel about this? Could this affect players?

– If you see this activity, it means I have a positive attitude. I believe this will help the players. We must be open in this difficult time for Ukraine. Everyone must understand what the players think and what is happening in the national team. I am grateful to Andrey Shevchenko, who asked me if this could be done. This is his idea – to give more information to the fans.

After the match with Bosnia and Herzegovina, the players said that they did not comply with the coach’s instructions… How is this possible at this level? How can we make sure that they fulfill this goal with Iceland?

– If we played so poorly, and I think so, then everyone should think about what the problem was. We had a conversation in the locker room after the match. I am sure that we will all go out to tomorrow’s game in a different mood.

The match between Ukraine and Iceland will take place on Tuesday, March 26, at the Tarczynski Arena Wroclaw stadium in Wroclaw, Poland. The starting whistle will sound at 21:45 Kyiv time.

Text online broadcast of the match Ukraine – Icelandis available on our website.


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