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Thanks to qualifying for Euro 2024: the Ukrainian national team rose in the FIFA rankings

ByИван Дунаев

Apr 4, 2024

 Thanks to qualifying for Euro 2024: the Ukrainian national team has risen in the FIFA rankings

"Blue and Yellow” improved their position by two positions.

The International Football Federation (FIFA) presented an updated ranking of men's national teams, in which the Ukrainian national team is in 22nd place.

According to the official FIFA website, the “blue-yellows” have 1568.86 points. Sergei Rebrov's team rose two positions compared to the previous rating, beating South Korea and Australia.

Note that among the UEFA representatives the Ukrainian team is 12th.

In March, the Ukrainians held two matches – both as part of the playoff qualifying for Euro 2024. First, Rebrov's team made a comeback and defeated the national team of Bosnia and Herzegovina (2:1), and then won a strong-willed victoryover Iceland (2:1) and won a ticket to the European Championship.

There were also several changes in the top 10 of the world classification: Belgium moved England from third place, and Portugal displaced the Netherlands from sixth place.

Argentina, the current world champion, remains the leader of the FIFA rankings. France continues to be in second place.

Rating of FIFA national teams as of April 4, 2024 (top 10)

1. Argentina – 1858.00

2. France – 1840.59

3. Belgium (+1) – 1795.23

4. England (-1) – 1794.90

5. Brazil – 1788.65

6. Portugal (+1) – 1748.11

7. Netherlands (-1) – 1742.29

8. Spain – 1727.50

9. Italy – 1724.60

10. Croatia – 1721.07

22. Ukraine (+2) – 1568.86

Recall that at Euro 2024 the Ukrainian national team will play in Group E, where its opponents will be Romania, Slovakia and Belgium.

The matches of the final tournament of the European Championship 2024 from June 14 to July 14 will be held in Germany.


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