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The match between Real Madrid and Bayern ended in a scandal due to a disallowed goal by the Munich team: what happened

ByИван Дунаев

May 9, 2024

Thomas Tuchel's team scored a saving goal in the 90+13th minute, but the referees recorded an offside.

Return match of the 1/2 finals of the Champions League betweenReal MadridUkrainian goalkeeper Andrey Lunin and Munich Bavaria ended in a loud scandal.

The Spanish club formed a super comeback, scoring on the 88th and 90+1st minutes, thanks to which he reached the final of the tournament.

However, the outcome of this fight could have been completely different. In the second half's stoppage time, in the 90+13th minute, the German club scored a goal that sent the game into extra time. However, the referees did not count it, recording it as offside.

This happened when the score was 2:1 in favor of “creamy” (4:3 on aggregate). At the moment of Joshua Kimmich's pass into the Real penalty area, the side referee raised his flag, signaling an offside, after which the main referee, Pole Szymon Marciniak, blew the whistle to stop the game without waiting for the end of the episode.

The Bayern players continued their attack and sent the ball into Lunin’s goal – Matthijs De Ligt scored. As a result, the saving goal for the Munich team was not counted. And they did not review the replay of the episode to determine whether it was offside using the VAR system, since the main referee stopped the game even before the ball hit the net.

After the end of the match, the head coach of the German club Thomas Tucheland the Bayern players remained outraged by the mistake of the referees, who did not allow their team to complete the scoring attack.

In particular, the Munich coach noted that when Real scored their second goal in this match, the referees did not They began to interrupt the episode, and only then reviewed the replay and stated that the goal had been scored.

“A disaster. An absolute disaster. After Real Madrid's second goal, they allowed the game to continue. The clear rule is that the momentum must continue. The first mistake was made by the touch judge, the second by the referee. It was a clear violation of the rules.

We scored one goal and it was a disastrous decision by the line judge and the referee. In the end, because of this decision it feels like a betrayal, the touch judge apologized, but this will not help us,” Tuchel said in a commentary for DAZN.

The author of the disallowed goal De Ligt also noted that the referee admitted to him that he had made a mistake.

“I think we have set the rules in football, and the rules say that if there is no obvious offside, and there was not, then you have to continue playing. If you whistle like that in the last minute, I think it is a big mistake. Offside or not , I don't know, but you can check it. But if you don't check it, how can you be sure?

The side judge told me: “Sorry, I made a mistake.” I'm not a person who will blame the referee for a loss, so Madrid deserved to win because they won 2-1. But I think if it's a rule, then it's a rule. “I don’t want to say that Real Madrid always have referees on their side, but today that’s what made the difference,” GiveMeSport quotes the Dutchman.

Bayern veteran Thomas Müller also spoke about the resonant episode, recalling the controversial goals of ex-Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo in a match with Bayern seven years ago.

“The referee did not contact the VAR. He did not give himself the opportunity to go and watch the replay. To whistle so quickly, in such a situation, is very strange. This happens often here in Madrid. This already happened to me in 2017, when Cristiano Ronaldo scored two goal. But that was before VAR. Playing against Real Madrid is always very strange,” said Müller.

Bavaria sporting director Max Eberl also shared his thoughts on the game. about the current situation.

“Szymon Marciniak admitted his mistake. There are zero point zero arguments to explain this. It is logical that it was a mistake. He blew the whistle. This means that no video assistant could intervene because he was in front of the goal. The referee said that it’s his mistake.

Everyone was for the German Champions League final. Only the Polish referee was against it. And accordingly, I will, of course, keep my fingers crossed for Borussia in the final,” said Eberl. >

In the final, Real Madrid will face Borussia Dortmund, which beat PSG in the other semi-final. The decisive match of the tournament will take place on June 1 at Wembley Stadium in London.

For Real Madrid, this will be the 18th Champions League final in history. Madrid won 14 of the 17 decisive matches (1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1966, 1998, 2000, 2002, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2022), which is an absolute record for the tournament. Los Blancos were defeated in only three finals (1962, 1964, 1981).

Borussia will play in the Champions League final for the third time in history. In 1997, Dortmund defeated Juventus in the final match (3:1), and in 2013 they lost in the decisive match for the trophy to Bayern (1:2).


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