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The starting race of the Biathlon World Cup in Holmenkollen was postponed: what is the reason

ByИван Дунаев

Feb 29, 2024

 The starting race of the Biathlon World Cup in Holmenkollen was postponed: what was the reason

Weather conditions prevented the women's individual race.

Women's individual race, which The seventh stage of the Biathlon World Cup 2023/24 in Holmenkollen, Norway, was supposed to start on February 29, but has been postponed.

This was reported by the press service of the International Biathlon Union (IBU).

The organizers made this decision due to unfavorable weather conditions, in particular heavy fog.

Thus, the women's individual race was postponed to Friday, March 1. Start – at 13:30 Kyiv time.

Ukraine will be represented in the individual race in Holmenkollen by five biathletes: Kristina Dmitrenko, Anna Krivonos, Anastasia Merkushina, Irina Petrenko and Yulia Dzhima.

Note , that on March 1, the men's individual race will also take place in Holmenkollen, which will begin at 16:30 Kyiv time.

The schedule of other races of the Norwegian stage of the Biathlon World Cup has not changed.

Where to watch the Biathlon World Cup races

On the territory of Ukraine, all Biathlon World Cup races will be broadcast on the Suspilne Sport website, as well as on local Suspilne broadcasting channels (Suspilne Kiev, Suspilne Poltava, etc. .d).

You can also watch the races on the online television platform Kyivstar TV on the Suspilne Kyiv channel. And with the promotional code TSNUA, get premium access to the film and television platform for 7 days.


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