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“The task is to preserve sports”: the head of the Ministry of Sports commented on the booking of football players

ByИван Дунаев

Apr 22, 2024

Matvey Bedny does not believe that the booking of some football players will worsen the mobilization situation in Ukraine.

Acting Minister of Youth and Sports Matvey Bedny explained why some football clubs in Ukraine were recognized as critical facilities, and their players accordingly received reservations from mobilization.

This is reported by Champion.com.ua.

He called for approaching this issue “with a cool head.”

“Is it important that football remains in Ukraine? If we don’t save it, then we will lose our football clubs. If teams like Dynamo, Shakhtar and others cease to exist, then we will not make up for this for decades.” , says Bedny.

The head of the Ministry of Sports recalled that the Cabinet of Ministers has developed a procedure according to which enterprises and institutions are recognized as critical. We are talking about certain criteria, in particular, the amount of taxes paid.

“We are acting within the framework of this procedure. We are faced with the task of preserving sports, including football. If we take the absolute value, then the number of booked football players is a small part,” said the acting director. Minister of Sports.

He clarified that not all football clubs are recognized as critical enterprises.

In addition, Bedny noted that some of the football players are under 25 years old, who are not currently being mobilized .

“It cannot be said that the reservation of some football players will worsen the mobilization situation in Ukraine,” says the acting Minister of Youth and Sports.

We would like to remind you that on November 9, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers appointed acting duties of the Minister of Sports Matvey Bedny. What is known about him, read the link.

Previously it was reported that the state enterprise “Directorate of Traveling Circus Groups” was included in the list of critical ones for the functioning of the economy, which allows the group to be protected from mobilization.

Rostislav Karandeev then explained that the “Directorate of Traveling Circus Groups of Ukraine” is not a street tent, but a professional team of highly qualified masters of their craft.


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