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Ukraine won gold at the 2024 Junior Biathlon World Championships

ByИван Дунаев

Feb 29, 2024

 Ukraine won “gold” at the 2024 Junior Biathlon World Championships

Alexandra Merkushina brought our team the first medal at the tournament.

Ukrainian Alexandra Merkushinawon gold at the 2024 Junior World Championships in biathlon, which takes place in Otepää, Estonia.

19-year-old Ukrainian biathlete won the mass tarte . Having made two mistakes at the shooting range, Alexandra finished 1.9 seconds ahead of the silver medalist, Frenchwoman Lola Bougeaud. “Bronze” was won by the Italian Carlotta Gautero.

For the Ukrainian team, this is the first medal at the current junior planetary championship.

In general, for Alexandra this is the third medal in her career at the junior world championships. Last year she won bronze medals in the individual race and mixed relay.

Junior World Biathlon Championships. Mass start (girls)

1. Alexandra Merkushina (Ukraine, 1+1+0+0) 28:17.2 minutes

2. Lola Bougeaud (France, 1+0+0+0)+1.9

3. Carlotta Gautero (Italy, 1+1+0+0) +11.1

13. Ksenia Prikhodko (Ukraine, 0+0+0+0) +1:23.9

41. Valeria Khvostenko (Ukraine, 0+0+1+3) +3:10.7

Where to watch the Biathlon World Cup races

All races are on the territory of Ukraine The Biathlon World Cup will be broadcast on the Suspilne Sport website, as well as on local Suspilne broadcasting channels (Suspilne Kiev, Suspilne Poltava, etc.).

You can also watch the races on the online television platformKyivstar TVon the Suspilne Kyiv channel. And with the promotional code TSNUA, get premium access to the film and television platform for 7 days.


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