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Zinchenko tried to “beat off” a Ukrainian fan from the Polish police after the game with Iceland (video)

ByИван Дунаев

Mar 27, 2024

Alexander stood up for the fan who ran onto the field.

Ukrainian national team midfielder Alexander Zinchenko became a participant in an interesting episode after the completion of the final match of the play-off qualifying for Euro 2024 against the Iceland team.

Sergei Rebrov's team won a strong-willed victory (2:1) and won a ticket to the Euro 2024 final tournament. After the final whistle, some fans at the stadium in Wroclaw began to run onto the field, not holding back their joyful emotions.

One of these fans was caught by a Polish law enforcement officer and, according to the rules, began to take him out of the field. However, this did not please Zinchenko, who decided to stand up for the guy and “recapture” him from the police.

Such actions of the captain of the “blue-and-yellows” were appreciated by the fans in the stands, who began chanting in his honor.

In the final tournament of Euro 2024, the Ukrainian national team will play in Group E against Belgium, Slovakia and Romania.

Matches the final tournament of Euro 2024from June 14 to July 14, 2024 will be held in Germany.

Previously it was reported that the midfielder of the Ukrainian national team Viktor Tsygankov dedicated the victory over Iceland and the exit to the European Championship for the soldiers of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

Also, the victory over the Icelanders and winning a ticket to the continental championship was commented by the head coach of the Ukrainian national team Sergey Rebrov.


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