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The IT army of Ukraine paralyzed the work of the Russian EPR system 1C-Rarus

 ІТ-армия Украины парализовала работу российской EPR-системы 1С-Рарус

Illustrative photo: The IT army of Ukraine paralyzed the work of the Russian EPR system 1C-Rarus (facebook com 1c rarus kazan) Author: Natalya Kava

Ukrainian hackers stopped the work of one of the largest ERP systems, 1C-Rarus. It is used for accounting services.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Telegram channel of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

“One of the largest ERP systems in Russia stopped working due to attacks by the Ukrainian IT Army,” the message said.

As noted by the Ministry of Digital Development, clients cannot use accounting services and work at full capacity. It should be noted that 1C-Rarus has 150,000 users, including such technology giants and war sponsors as Tatneft and VTB.

Also, at gas stations and stores, customers cannot make payments because the cash register does not work. Blocking the system causes millions of losses for the Russian economy.

“All thanks to our cyber troops. Do you want the same? It’s simple! Anyone can join the IT Army and use a computer to hurt Russian corporations and businesses,” wrote the Ministry of Digital Development.

Program 1C-Rarus

1C-Rarus automates accounting, management, and tax accounting. 1C automates accounting in Moscow and throughout Russia.

With its help, you can automate accounting: reflect the flow of goods and money, settlements with staff and clients, and also create tax returns.

Photo: Ukrainian IT army paralyzed the work of the Russian EPR system 1C-Rarus (t.me/mintsyfra)

Cyberattacks on Russian websites

Since the beginning of a full-scale war, Ukrainian IT has been attacking the websites of large Russian banks, as well as government agencies. The websites of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Roskomnadzor and Rosaviation stopped working. Large and state (propaganda) media also stopped working due to attacks by “hackers”.

Recently, the Ukrainian IT army stopped the operation of major Russian airports. Propaganda media reported a DDoS attack.

Read urgent and important messages about Russia's war against Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.


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