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New products on the market: TOP 5 electric vehicles that will appear in Ukraine in 2024

 Новинки рынка: ТОП-5 электромобилей, которые появятся в Украине в 2024 году

Photo: TOP 5 electric vehicles that will appear in Ukraine in 2024 (skoda-storyboard.com) Author: Konstantin Shirokun

We happen to live in an era of great automobile redistribution: after a century of dominance, cars with internal combustion engines began to give way to “electric trains” in the market. It looks like 2024 will be the first year in history when electric vehicles will make up a significant portion of auto premieres.

Read about the most interesting electric cars that Ukrainians will see in 2024 in the RBC-Ukraine article.

During the preparation of the publication, comments from representatives of importing companies, as well as press sites of automakers, were used.

If you look deeper into history, you can understand that in fact, electric cars have not just come to us, but have returned. After all, at the dawn of motorization, at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, it was unclear for a long time what the personal transport of an ordinary citizen should ultimately be like: gasoline, steam or electric. All three types of power units showed some success on the road, and at some point the electric drive was the leader.

At the beginning of the last century, electric cars were the most dynamic (100 km/h? no question!), the easiest to drive and the least problematic in terms of maintenance. Oddly enough, electric cars still have these same advantages over diesels and gasoline engines today. Paradoxically, the disadvantages have not changed over a hundred years: high price, low autonomy and long battery charging time.

And although the backlog of electric vehicles on all three issues has been rapidly decreasing recently, to be honest, it is still too early for them to enter the mass market – electric vehicles still remain a niche product with limited functionality. However, this is a purely engineering point of view, and marketers think differently, and through their efforts, “battery-powered” cars have been put into the ring against time-tested fuel cars. In countries where governments were on the side of electric transport, he took his chance – sales of subsidized electric vehicles are growing significantly. In Ukraine the situation is still different, although importers are trying.

Skoda Enyaq

The large electric crossover is already on sale in many countries, so this is a long-awaited model for Ukraine. The car has a spacious and practical interior, which is generally typical for any Skoda. It is important that Enyaq has versions with both rear and all-wheel drive. Another type of model distribution is based on battery capacity, there are three in total, with a range without recharging from 340 to 510 km (WLTP method). The RS trim level stands out; it is the most dynamic with its 6.2 s to 100 km/h.

 Новинки рынка: ТОП-5 электромобилей, которые появятся в Украине в 2024 году

Peugeot e-2008

The small French crossover of the second generation has an electric version, and next year it will appear in Ukraine in an updated form. The main improvement for the electric car, of course, will be the increased range due to the large 54-kW battery – 406 km versus the former 345 km (WLTP). The exterior was also refreshed, as usual, due to lighting technology and radiator lining. This cute car is not positioned as an off-road conqueror, so it only has front-wheel drive.

 Новинки рынка: ТОП-5 электромобилей, которые появятся в Украине в 2024 году

Volvo EX30

No later than spring, this small premium crossover will appear in all Volvo dealerships – completely new, designed on a separate platform, and, as brand representatives assure, made specifically for young users. This car is truly for energetic drivers – it reaches the first hundred in 3.6 seconds. Another feature is that it is the most compact crossover in the Volvo line-up. The price of the new item is already known today: 1,312,191 UAH.

 Новинки рынка: ТОП-5 электромобилей, которые появятся в Украине в 2024 году

Porsche Macan

In our opinion, the Macan is one of the most interesting Porsche models, so in the second generation it will be exclusively electric. And no later than October 2023, it should be brought to Ukraine. It looks like this will be a new step towards our all-electric mobility: thanks to the new on-board electrical system, the Macan's 100-kilowatt battery can be charged to the “standard” 80% in 25 minutes. The total power of the two engines reaches 612 hp, the power reserve is promised at 500 km. Another option from the future is projecting data onto the windshield with so-called augmented reality elements. Against this background, three large screens on the dashboard seem like an insignificant addition.

 Новинки рынка: ТОП-5 электромобилей, которые появятся в Украине в 2024 году

Mercedes EQA and Mercedes EQB

Two electric Mercedes will soon receive an updated look and some technical improvements in order to hit Ukrainian car showrooms no later than the beginning of summer. First of all, the front part of the body was updated: the radiator grille and bumper, as well as the rear lights. The interior of both models will feature a new three-spoke steering wheel, wood inserts and moldings on the dashboard and doors. The multimedia system received new graphics. It’s interesting how the designers added autonomy to the updated cars (for the Mercedes EQA this is now 560 km according to WLTP): they improved the aerodynamics, installed energy-saving tires and taught the car to independently turn off unnecessary consumers. Orders are being accepted now, prices accordingly – from 1,793,000 hryvnia and from 1,840,000 hryvnia.

 Новинки рынка: ТОП-5 электромобилей, которые появятся в Украине в 2024 году

In short

Electric cars? Speaking in the language of auto resellers, “you can take it.” They're comfortable, fun to ride, often dynamic, and always reliable (okay, almost always). But don't forget about a few conditions. It is very desirable that you have another car in your garage, gasoline or diesel, in which you can confidently go on unlimited journeys. And it is also advisable to have a powerful charger at home – this is if you want to save on refueling. And if you don’t want to, then in the city or on the highway you will look for the so-called public charging station, but the price per kilometer there will be at the same level as a gasoline car.

Let us remind you that RBC-Ukraine recently told you how to choose the best second car for your family.


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