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The “Diya” application launched a car purchase and sale service

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Photo: the “Diya” application has launched a car purchase and sale service (Vitaly Nosach, RBC-Ukraine) Author: Konstantin Shirokun

Today, December 20, the car purchase and sale service has become available to Ukrainians in the Diya mobile application.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to Telegram “Dii”.

It is reported that in just 15 minutes it will be possible to buy or sell a car through a smartphone and after some time receive a new registration certificate, as well as license plates by mail.

Re-registration of a car in the “Diya” application means that there is no longer a need to go to service centers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to check documents and cars, fill out papers, pay receipts to specific banks, or sign up in advance for an electronic queue.

It is worth noting that only those who are selling a car for the first time in a year will be able to use the re-registration service.

“All you need is to start the purchase and sale process in the application, follow the prompts of “Diya” and certify the draft agreement with “Diya.signed”. Then we will do everything for you, all that remains is to agree on the transfer and receipt of funds,” noted the Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Klimenko.

Features of the new service

Let us remind you that we wrote earlier that very soon it will be possible to re-register a car in a few clicks “Diya” without unnecessary checks and intermediaries. The vehicle and users will be checked automatically, without the participation of an administrator.

The service will be available for cars, motorcycles or mopeds. In the application, the seller should create an application in “Diya” and share the QR code or link to the contract.

The buyer only needs to sign it and choose whether to keep the old license plate or change to a new one with a special series.

Also at Diya you can order delivery of a registration certificate and a new license plate to a Ukrposhta branch, instead of going to the service center again and standing in queues.

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