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A new computed tomograph was installed at the Kyiv Regional Children's Hospital


Mar 4, 2024

Photo The latest GE Optima CT 520 computed tomograph was installed in the Kiev Regional Children's Hospital.

The Ministry of Health reports this, Ukrinform reports.

“The Kiev Regional Children's Hospital received the latest GE Optima CT 520 computed tomograph. Medical equipment was purchased as part of one of the joint projects of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and the World Bank,” the report says.

As noted by the Ministry of Health, the Kiev Regional Children's Hospital is a multidisciplinary medical institution at the super-cluster level, specializing in providing medical care to children in the Kyiv region. Every year, about 10 thousand young patients are treated in inpatient departments, and more than 40 thousand children receive outpatient care in the advisory clinic. The medical institution has 11 specialized departments, which provide medical care in 24 areas.

It is noted that computed tomography as a modern diagnostic method will significantly improve the quality of examination and treatment of young patients. The main advantages of CT diagnostics include: high resolution, scanning speed and accuracy in identifying various diseases and injuries. In addition, the modern computed tomography apparatus has improved technologies aimed at reducing the radiation dose received by the patient during scanning.

A new computer doctor was installed at the Kiev Regional Children's Hospital

a new computer tomograph was installed/Photo: Kievskaya regional children's hospital

B A new CT scanner was installed at the Kiev Regional Children's Hospital


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