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Almost 3.5 thousand patients were examined using a new CT scan at the Zaporozhye regional hospital – Ministry of Health


Mar 31, 2024

The Zaporozhye regional clinical hospital operates the latest CT for high-quality diagnosis and treatment; during its operation, from the second half of 2023, about 3 5 thousand patients.

The Ministry of Health reports this, Ukrinform reports.

“At the Zaporozhye Regional Clinical Hospital there is a modern computer tomograph Aquilion PRIME SP, manufactured by Canon, Japan. The latest equipment was purchased by Medical Procurement of Ukraine by order of the Ministry of Health. Since the start of commissioning of the equipment, including from the second half of 2023, about 3,500 patients have already undergone computed tomography, the report says.

As the ministry notes, the CT room is located on the same floor of the hospital with an MRI and an angiograph. Thanks to this, patients do not need to travel to other medical facilities/to other floors for further examination. Therefore, in a short period of time, doctors receive the maximum necessary information about a person’s health status.

All studies using CT are carried out around the clock and free of charge under the relevant agreement concluded by the hospital with the National Health Institution under the Medical Guarantee Program.

Today, computed tomography is the main diagnostic method in medicine, which provides a detailed image of the internal structures of the human body.

Thanks to the latest equipment, doctors are able to timely and reliably diagnose various pathologies and diseases, as well as provide medical care to patients with diseases of the heart and blood vessels, cancer, acute surgical pathology, traumatic injuries, problems with the respiratory system, skeletal lesions, etc.

As reported, the Kiev Regional Children's Hospital recently received the latest computed tomograph.


Photo: Ministry of Health


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