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Another mobile pharmacy will operate in the Kharkov region


Feb 27, 2024

There is a pharmacy in Kharkov

In two weeks, another mobile pharmacy will begin operating in the Kharkov region.

This was announced at a briefing by the marketing director of the “9-1-1” Yulia Klimenyuk, reports Ukrinform correspondent.

“In the first weeks of operation in January, the mobile pharmacy was able to issue 405 electronic prescriptions. Now there is much more. And we are expanding this project. In about two weeks there will be another mobile pharmacy that will travel and deliver medicines in the Kharkov region,” Klimenyuk said.

The representative of the network noted that there are requests from the Kherson and Lviv regions to organize mobile work there pharmacies.

Klimenyuk noted that the industry has a problem with personnel, since many pharmacists went abroad due to the war.

In the deoccupied territories, pharmacy employees faced not only destruction and looting of facilities, but also mines. In addition to the fact that you arrive and don’t understand whether there is anything to update or not, you also see a banner or a “Petal” – this was the case in Izyum, for example. We worked with the State Emergency Service. Occupier hospitals were organized in some of our pharmacies. After the liberation, pharmacists came to Volchansk in bulletproof vests and helmets on boats, because the bridge was destroyed,” Klimenyuk noted.

She noted that pharmacies continue to operate in the Kupyansky district, in particular in Kivsharovka, Kup- rs Uzlovy, in the Kharkov region – Liptsy, Tsirkuny, settlements suffering Russian attacks.

As reported, on January 18, a mobile pharmacy began operating in the Kharkov region. The car has a generator, Starlink, refrigeration equipment. The pharmacy dispenses both prescription and over-the-counter medications. The route includes 80 settlements – these are villages and towns where there are no stationary pharmacy points.


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