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Belgian volunteers handed over another ambulance to the Ukrainian army to the front


Mar 16, 2024

Photo Doctor of Ukrainian origin Igor Vitenko from the Belgian city of Ghent handed over the 77th ambulance for the Ukrainian military to Zolotonosha, Cherkasy region.

As an Ukrinform correspondent reports, the cargo was delivered by Tom Van Goey, a farmer in the Cherkasy region.

“In the first days of the war, I returned from Ukraine to Belgium and became a very media person. My family and I immediately established supplies of charitable aid to Ukraine, since we own logistics and transport companies. Gradually, like-minded people gathered around us: doctors, Christian organizations, ordinary people. This is how I met the surgeon Igor Vitenko from Ghent. He, using his connections, began to provide the medical component. Two years later, Mr. Igor, with our help, delivered 77 ambulances and a bunch of medical equipment from Belgium to Ukraine. They are distributed by the Ukrainian military command in Kharkov. We provide transport and other humanitarian cargo. Today these are pumps for pumping out water, which the mayor’s office of the city of Merelbeke provided to Zolotonosh rescuers, said Tom Van Goey.

Ukrainian military from the Avdeevsky direction came to receive the cargo. According to them, they lost two cars upon the arrival of guided aerial bombs. “Fast” from Belgium will deliver the wounded after first aid to the stabilization point. It will be used as soon as electronic warfare equipment is installed on the vehicle.

Belgian volunteers handed over another ambulance to the front to the Ukrainian army

Tom Van Goey humanitarian supplies.

As Ukrinform reported, Belgian farmer Tom Van Goey grows grains and potatoes in the Cherkasy region. The products are sold in Ukraine.

Photo by Yuri Strigun


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