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Digitalization of medicine: top 10 projects of 2023


Feb 21, 2024


Digitalization of medicine: top 10 projects of 2023

Maria Karchevich What digital projects were implemented by the Ministry of Health during the past year Digital medical services have become an integral part of the lives of Ukrainians. Electronic referrals and prescriptions, telemedicine consultations, sick leave – today you can get all this without leaving your home.

At the state level, digitalization allows you to effectively manage processes, maintain records and control, quickly respond to pressing needs and prevent corruption.

The digitalization of Ukrainian medicine has been going on for more than 6 years, with each step adding more and more useful and convenient things.

> To answer the question – Whether this is a lot or a little, I note that developed countries have been going through this path for about 15 years.

Digital medicine in Ukraine has its own face ” and name. It's called eHealth (often confused with ESOH). In fact, the EHC (electronic health care system) – this is just one of the systems included in the eHealth ecosystem.

Yes, ESOP – it is a key information and communication system. It contains medical data on the health of 35 million Ukrainians and unites most medical institutions and pharmacies in the country into a single medical space. It is thanks to the ESOH that patients use such digital services as e-prescriptions, e-directions, medical reports and others.

Thanks to the digital projects implemented in the ESOH during 2023, today it is possible:

  • purchase a prescription medicine using an electronic prescription from a doctor;

  • receive immunosuppressive and pain medications, as well as test strips for glucometers via e-prescription as part of the reimbursement program; generate COVID certificates for patients who have received vaccinations abroad, etc.

The functionality for recording rehabilitation interventions has become available in the electronic healthcare system. More than a million records have been made (using the ICF) on rehabilitation for 125 thousand patients.

But, as mentioned above, eHealth includes a number of information systems, registries and digital products.

Last year, a pilot of an electronic inventory management system for medicines and medical products was launched.

New modules of the “MedData” system have also been developed. (A resource that allows you to control the need and remnants of medicines), including – module “Humanitarian Aid”, “Vaccination” and “Accounting”.

Digitalization of medicine: top 10 projects of 2023

justify”>In 2023 an electronic epidemiological surveillance system (ESEN) was introduced and its functionality was expanded.

Digital tools make it possible to efficiently collect funds and distribute them for health needs. Within the framework of UNITED24, more than 1.5 billion UAH have already been collected and 13 armored evacuation vehicles, 191 “fast” vehicles, necessary equipment and medical products have been purchased. Two medical facilities have also been restored.

Among other things, the digitalization of military medical commissions has begun. Our team joined the implementation of an electronic queue, electronic document management, which allows the exchange of documents between medical institutions, military units and recruitment centers.

In 2023, the implementation of telemedicine in Ukraine reached a new level. A development strategy and legislative changes have been approved, humanitarian telemedicine solutions have been integrated into healthcare institutions, in particular for explosion and gunshot injuries, burn injuries, the use of virtual presence devices, a virtual operating room, remote diagnosis of the fetal condition and others.

We continue to work on modernizing state registries, introducing new systems and registries in the healthcare sector based on “Diya.Engine”.

Next year the Ministry of Health will work on even more digital projects.

So it will be further!

Maria Karchevich , Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine for Digital Development

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