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In the Rivne region, visiting teams of gynecologists identify pathologies in 90% of examined women


Apr 5, 2024

In 90% of women who come for examination to visiting teams of the Rivne Perinatal Center, pathologies are identified.

As Ukrinform reports, Chairman of the Rivne Regional Council Andriy Karaush said this in a Telegram.

«90% of women who come for examination to the visiting teams of our perinatal center , detect pathologies& ;, he wrote.

Karaush added that over the 15 months of the project, the teams examined almost 8 thousand women in the Rivne region. Visits are planned in advance and exactly where there is no gynecologist. Physically they can examine approximately 25 people. If more people sign up, the visit to the community is divided into several trips. It is noted that there is a category of women who have not been examined for ten years. Mostly we are talking about remote villages. It is also emphasized that doctors detect predominantly benign neoplasms of the cervix, a mammologist sees many pathologies of the mammary glands, and there are consequences from hard work. prolapse of the genital organs.

As the chairman of the regional council informs, medicine knows what to do about it, women are sent to medical institutions for additional examinations, electronic referral is valid for a year.

The project is supported by the UN Foundation in the field of population in Ukraine.

As Ukrinform reported, the first neurosurgical operation of Janetta was performed in the Rivne regional hospital.

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