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In Ukraine, more than 260 thousand citizens have already used rehabilitation services


Feb 26, 2024

More than 260 thousand Ukrainians have benefited from rehabilitation services today.

About this during the forum “Ukraine. Year 2024″ said Health Minister Viktor Lyashko, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“More than 260 thousand people took advantage of new rehabilitation services in the healthcare system. This is rehabilitation that helps a person return physically to the preliminary conditions of his life,” said Lyashko.

More than 260 thousand citizens have already used rehabilitation services in Ukraine

According to the minister, the rehabilitation system in Ukraine was not ready for the challenges of a full-scale war, so it was necessary to build and set up the work of modern evidence-based rehabilitation at a rapid pace.

«Our concept is that after hospital planning in each cluster and a supercluster medical institution should have a modern rehabilitation care department staffed by multidisciplinary teams. These are more than 250 medical institutions. There will also be 6 single-profile rehabilitation institutions operating in our healthcare system that focus on a specific type of injury,” Lyashko said.

The Minister noted that the next step would be to increase rehabilitation cycles from two to eight. All services are covered by the Medical Assurance Program. Lyashko informed that before the full-scale invasion, the healthcare system carried out 2 thousand rehabilitation cycles per day, now their number has increased to almost 9 thousand. As Ukrinform reported, Ukrainian medical students will be taught the latest approaches in rehabilitation and psychiatry.

Photo: Andrey Sadovyi


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