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No evidence that heated tobacco products are safer than cigarettes – WHO expert


Mar 28, 2024

Currently there is no scientifically based evidence that tobacco products for electric heating (TVENs) are safer than conventional cigarettes and cigars.

This was reported at a press conference in Ukrinform by the national Program Coordinator for Noncommunicable Diseases, World Health Organization Office in Ukraine Andrey Skipalsky.

He recalled that WHO has repeatedly noted in reports and briefings that there is no scientific evidence, sufficient grounds and facts indicating that TVENs are less harmful to people compared to conventional tobacco products.

“And although some toxins and dangerous compounds are indeed released when using TVENs, they remain in significant quantities, and in addition, other harmful substances and compounds arise, the effect of which on health has not been sufficiently studied. Moreover, the formation of chemical compounds in emissions and the impact on health are not identical concepts: even if there are fewer chemicals, their impact on human health will remain negative, Skipalsky explained.

According to him. , the nicotine content in TVEN sticks may be lower than in cigarettes, but the amount of nicotine entering the body of consumers is sometimes even greater due to the increased frequency of smoking.

At the same time, nicotine in any quantity is very dangerous a toxin that harms the health of youth and adolescents, affecting, among other things, cognitive function, brain development, and the cardiovascular system.

“There is an increased risk of cardiovascular diseases among TVEN consumers. And no one has proven that this risk is reduced compared to “usual” ones. smokers. Other chemicals that are released when using heating products also have a negative effect,” stated the expert from the WHO Office in Ukraine.

<img title="There is no evidence that heating tobacco products are safer than cigarettes, WHO expert " src="https://baltimorechronicle.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/332010588683b8c2847e5df41676dc28.jpg" alt="There is no evidence that heated tobacco products are safer" He stressed that TVENs are not a means of quitting smoking , as some people position them. Thus, she becomes addicted to nicotine, which can last her whole life,” Skipalsky concluded. like other tobacco products. This applies to the advertising and use of tobacco products in public places, their inclusion in smoking ban legislation, etc.


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