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Pharmacies in medical institutions have been joining the Affordable Medicines program since March.


Feb 28, 2024

Since March, pharmacies institutions located on the territory of medical institutions must join the Medical Guarantee Program, in particular the Affordable Medicines program.

Health Minister Viktor Lyashko said this during a briefing on the Affordable Medicines program, an Ukrinform correspondent reports.

“We have made another change to the licensing requirements for the production of economic activities in the pharmacy business and now there is a requirement – if a pharmacy is located on the territory of a healthcare institution, then it is obliged to cooperate with the Medical Guarantee Program. From March this will be an obligation, not a desire of the enterprise. Thus, we have brought the place where the prescription is issued and the place where the prescription is redeemed closer. When a person has been given a prescription under the “Affordable Medicines” program, he can redeem the prescription in the same hospital,” Lyashko said.

As the minister recalled, to ensure access to the government program for reimbursement of medicines in remote settlements The Cabinet of Ministers also simplified the requirements for pharmacies in rural areas so that enterprises open pharmacies in small towns.

In addition, as Lyashko added, the licensing conditions provide for the opportunity to redeem prescriptions and dispense drugs under the “Affordable Medicines” program. in paramedic and obstetric centers. Currently, as Lyashko added, the requirement for the presence of cash registers during such activities is being worked out.

From the beginning of the year, a project of mobile pharmacy points was launched, which was joined by both local governments and pharmacy chains. In particular, mobile pharmacy points are already operating in the Kharkov and Cherkasy regions; by the end of the year, such mobile pharmacy points should be launched in all regions. The routes and settlements that these mobile pharmacies will cover are currently being worked out. Pharmacy.”

As reported, the “Affordable Medicines” program is an integral part of the Medical Guarantee Program; more than UAH 5 billion is provided for reimbursement of medicines in 2024.


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