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The number of obese people in the world exceeds a billion


Mar 1, 2024

the world exceeds a billion

Research In 2022, the number of obese people worldwide will exceed one billion, including 879 million adults and 159 million children.

As Ukrinform reports, Sky News reports this.

The study was conducted by NCD Risk Factor Collaboration – network of health scientists from around the world – in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO).

Data shows that globally, obesity rates among children and adolescents have quadrupled from 1990 to 2022, while rates among adults have more than doubled.

The study also found that rates of underweight children and adolescents fell over the same period and more than halved among adults worldwide.

It states that worldwide from 1990 to 2022, the obesity rate in women has more than doubled, in men — almost threefold.

Places with high obesity rates include the island nations of Tonga, American Samoa, Polynesia and Micronesia, the Cook Islands and Niue.

«It is very alarming that the epidemic obesity, which was evident among adults in much of the world in 1990, is now reflected among school-age children and adolescents. At the same time, hundreds of millions still suffer from malnutrition, especially in some of the poorest parts of the world. To successfully combat both forms of malnutrition, it is vital to significantly improve the availability and accessibility of healthy food,” said the study’s senior author, Professor Majid Ezzati from Imperial College London.

As Ukrinform reported, 59% of adults in Ukraine are overweight, of which almost 25% are obese.


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