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The number of patients with PTSD has almost quadrupled compared to 2021 – Ministry of Health


Mar 19, 2024

In 2023, the number of patients with PTSD increased almost four times compared to 2021, and in the first two months of 2024, virtually the same number were diagnosed patients, as for the entire 2021.

As Ukrinform reports, this was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Over the past two years, the electronic health system (EHS) has recorded a significant increase in patients diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Thus, in 2023, the number of patients with PTSD increased almost four times compared to 2021, and in the first two months of 2024, virtually the same number of patients were diagnosed as in the entire 2021,” the report says.

As noted, according to the National Health Service of Ukraine, the figures broken down by year look like this: 2021 — 3,167 patients, 2022 — 7,051 patients, 2023 — 12,494 patients, 2024 — 3,292 patients (as of 03/06/2024).

The press service recalled that people suffer from PTSD regardless of gender and age. Not only war, but any event that poses a threat to death or integrity can become a prerequisite for the development of PTSD. However, experience of war does not necessarily lead to such a diagnosis. It depends on the person's resilience, circumstances, available support and other factors. But, of course, a full-scale war significantly affected the lives and mental state of Ukrainians. According to various estimates, PTSD can develop in 12-20% of people who have experienced or witnessed a traumatic event.

Symptoms of the disorder may occur short or long after the traumatic event, usually within the first three months. They can manifest themselves due to hyperarousal, experiencing traumatic events, problems with memory and emotional sphere, sleep disturbances, excessive fatigue, irritability, headaches, attempts to avoid everything that reminds of the traumatic event, etc.

“Formulated PTSD is characterized by constant experience of trauma, triggers-reminders, flashbacks, intrusions – memories from the past that interfere with the present and interfere with life. This is a constant return to trauma, a person is rejected into these events. There is also a return to the past, and it’s hard to talk about it. Avoidance (of mentions of a traumatic event – ed.) is the most characteristic and dangerous symptom,” the press service quotes the director of the Center for Mental Health and Rehabilitation “Lesnaya Polyana” Ministry of Health of Ukraine Ksenia Voznitsyna.

At the same time, the press service noted that PTSD is mostly treatable and resolves successfully in most patients. When the first symptoms appear, you should seek help as soon as possible. For example, to your family doctor or to a family doctor in a medical institution that has an agreement with the National Health Service under the package “Support and treatment of adults and children with mental disorders at the primary level of medical care,” the Ministry of Health noted.

< p Family doctors have been trained in the WHO mhGAP program and can help with mental health issues. If necessary, a referral is made to a specialist – a psychologist, psychotherapist or psychiatrist. The service is absolutely free of charge, because it is provided within the framework of the Medical Guarantee Program.

You can find contacts of primary health care institutions that have a corresponding contract with the NHSU on the interactive map on the NHSU website in the “E-data” section; ― “Analytical panels (dashboards)” ― Providers of medical care in the direction of “Psychological and psychiatric care.”

As Ukrinform reported, in 2023, more than 114 thousand Ukrainians received first psychological assistance at primary care.



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