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The work of the medical and social examination and the military medical commission has been resumed in the Donetsk region


Feb 21, 2024

Exclusive In the Donetsk region, the work of the medical and social examination has been resumed in the cities of Slovak and Pokrovsk and the military medical commission in the cities of Pokrovsk, Dobropolye and Kramatorsk.

The head of the Donetsk regional military administration, Vadim Filashkin, announced this in an interview with Ukrinform.

“The work of the medical and social examination (MSEC) has been resumed in Slavyansk and Pokrovsk. A military medical commission (MMC) began working in medical institutions in Pokrovsk, Dobropolye, and Kramatorsk,” said the head of the region.

He also noted that in Kramatorsk they began to provide cardiac surgery to people in case of acute myocardial infarction. The second-stage department for nursing premature and sick newborns at the perinatal center in Pokrovsk was also equipped and opened. The inpatient departments of the regional children's hospital in Slavyansk have resumed their work.

Mobile obstetric and gynecological teams have been created at the regional perinatal center in Kramatorsk.

Filashkin stated that there are not enough medical workers, because many were evacuated to safe regions.

«Regarding medical workers. There are people, they work, but, as in any other area, in conditions of hostilities and evacuation it is felt that some people have left,” he said.

On the provision of medical care in communities that are close to front line, military doctors and police paramedics help there. Then, if necessary, people are taken to medical facilities further from the front, the head of the OVA explained.

As reported, Donbass is under constant fire from Russian troops, almost every day the enemy kills and injures civilians, destroys housing and administrative buildings . houses, energy and infrastructure facilities. The Donetsk region has the longest front line, which is about 300 km. Now the population of the region is 523.6 thousand people. The evacuation of residents continues.


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