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Ukrainians most often feel tired, tense and hopeful


Apr 9, 2024

tension and hope

Poll Fatigue, tension and hope – three emotions that Ukrainians most often celebrate.

According to the Ministry of Health, this is evidenced by the results of a survey conducted at the beginning of 2024 as part of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program, Ukrinform reports.

In general, according to the survey results, 13% of respondents determine their mental health condition as unsatisfactory. This figure increased by two percentage points (pp) compared to 2023. A total of 36% of respondents consider their mental state to be satisfactory, and 51% -. they rate it at an average level.

The majority (77%) assess their condition based on their own feelings and experiences (this figure decreased by four percentage points compared to 2023).

“The three most common emotions noted by Ukrainians surveyed are: fatigue (46%), tension (44%) and hope (31%). Compared to 2023, the number of people experiencing tension, fear, anger, irritation, powerlessness, disappointment and despair has increased, and the proportion of those experiencing hope has decreased,” the report says.

According to the survey, 77% have recently experienced stress and severe nervousness. This figure remained unchanged compared to the previous wave of the study. People name the main reasons for this condition: a full-scale war with Russia (72%), financial difficulties (41%), the socio-political situation in the country (38%, the figure increased by 4 percentage points), the state of their own health (30%) , health status of loved ones (25%), work, work issues (21%).

40% of respondents experienced the need for psychological help over the past 6 months. But 28% of respondents asked for such help.

At the same time, during a full-scale war, 3% of people visit a psychologist/psychotherapist regularly, 8% – in case of a problem or if necessary, 40% -; have never visited a psychologist/psychotherapist, but do not exclude this possibility, 38% – have never visited and do not plan to; 11% – did not answer.

Now, according to respondents, the following groups of people most need psychological help: military personnel involved in hostilities (47% – the figure decreased by 9 percentage points), those who lost a loved one as a result of war (36% – 36 %). decreased by 11th century. p.), all Ukrainians (29% – increased by 14 v. p.), civilians with experience of being under occupation (24%), civilians who were nearby or directly in the zone of active hostilities (23%), those whose relatives are part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (23%).

As the Ministry of Health notes, Ukrainians do not seek help from specialists most often because they do not consider their problems sufficient to warrant seeking (29%), they were confident that they could cope on their own (25%), because of the cost of psychological help ( 23%), because they believe that others need help (22%), or do not think that it will help (20%). /p>

To cope with nervousness or stress, Ukrainians continue to use the Internet (39%), watching TV/movies/series (34%) or communicating with friends and family (32%).

The third wave of Gradus Research “Mental health and the attitude of Ukrainians to psychological help during the war: wave 3” was carried out within the framework of the All-Ukrainian Mental Health Program – initiative of First Lady Elena Zelenskaya, with the support of the USAID project “Development of a sustainable public health system”, which is carried out by the Pact organization. As reported, according to the Ministry of Health, anxiety and sleep disturbances – the most common complaints about mental health with which patients turned to their family doctor in 2023.

Currently, 10,255 “primary” doctors (family doctors, general practitioners and pediatricians) provide health care services in 983 medical institutions that have signed an agreement with the NHSU for the package “Support and treatment of adults and children with mental disorders at the primary level of health care.”

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