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Ukrposhta is expanding its free medicine delivery project from March 1


Feb 29, 2024

Ukrposhta 1 March expands the project of free delivery of medicines General Director of the joint-stock company “Ukrposhta” Igor Smelyansky announced the expansion of the pilot project “Ukrposhta. Pharmacy”.

As Ukrinform reports, he announced this in a Telegram.

"When you hear news from the frontline and border regions every morning, usually – this is a red map of the pain that the occupying country inflicts on us. But the pain must be treated, and the chief doctor here is; our heroic Ukrainian Armed Forces. However, Ukrposhta is now joining a little in order to reduce the pain of those people who live in the front-line Zaporozhye, Mykolaiv region, Kharkov region, Kherson region, Chernihiv region and now throughout the Sumy region and Donbass,” noted Smelyansky.

For his According to him, from now on the delivery of medicines will be available to all residents of these regions.

The CEO recalled that Ukrposhta recently launched a project for free delivery of medicines to front-line territories – even to places where pharmacies are absent or destroyed during the war.


He noted that this saves pensioners a lot of money, because, in addition to free delivery from Ukrposhta, they can take part in the “Affordable Medicines” program, receiving them for free or at a very low price. Between regional centers, Ukrposhta delivers medicines within a maximum of three days (excluding the day of dispatch).

To order medicines, you need to call the call center at 0 800 300 545. “Given how difficult it is to disseminate information in these regions, be sure to pass it on to your family and friends,” Smilyansky emphasized.

As Ukrinform reported, a few days ago Ukrposhta began selling medicines with free delivery.


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