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Council of Entrepreneurs – about the e-residency program: This is scaling the digital economy of Ukraine

Рада підприємців - про програму е-резидентства: Це масштабування цифрової економіки України

The e-residency program should show that Ukraine is able to demonstrate high rates of development even during the war by attracting new investors and developing the digital economy.

This was stated by the head of the secretariat of the Council of Entrepreneurs under the Cabinet of Ministers, Andriy Zablovsky, commenting on the launch of beta testing of the corresponding program to Ukrainian Radio, Ukrinform reports.

“The goal of this project is to show that Ukraine, even during war, is able to demonstrate itself as a country showing high rates of economic development by attracting new investors and developing the so-called digital brand of the state… This is scaling our digital economy, which will minimize risks, related to the lack of personnel,” Zablovsky said.

He explained that people living in other countries and wanting to do business in Ukraine can open one remotely. To do this, they will have to undergo the so-called one-time offline verification at the Ukrainian consular office of the host country. And then all procedures related to opening a bank account, registration, doing business, and paying taxes will take place exclusively online.

“Physical verification is a normal procedure, especially during war, in order to eliminate the risks associated with people who should not do business in Ukraine from the point of view of sanctions policy, for example. I think this fuse will not deter those interested,” – said the head of the secretariat.

According to him, the focus of the presented version is small businesses in Europe and Asia, primarily the IT sector and specialists in the creative economy.

“Similar projects are already working in Estonia and Georgia, where such opportunities were launched. Many Ukrainian businessmen also took advantage of such offers from the Estonian and Georgian governments. Therefore, the idea arose to scale up the success and introduce this experience in Ukraine. They planned to do this even before the war, but had to postpone. Now the so-called beta testing is underway in a more closed mode, after which the project will work for countries such as India, Pakistan, Slovenia, Thailand. The list will continue to grow,” he noted.

Zablovsky added that in the context of the technological revolution, digitalization of processes, this tool will reduce dependence on the physical number of workers serving the Ukrainian economy, and attract our representatives around the world – both forced refugees and representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora – in order to create an already digital one. value in the process of economic development

“I think our project will be no less successful than in Georgia, Estonia and other countries,” he noted.

According to him, e-residency is comparable to a simplified sole proprietorship: “The only thing is that you will do everything remotely, with the exception of one-time offline verification.”

At the same time, Zablovsky added, control measures are in place.

“If we are talking about paying taxes, we cannot do without financial transactions, because we have some international obligations, for example, preventing money laundering, etc. There will be control, but it will not be burdensome for those who want to do business online, everything will be simplified” and accessible. If you suddenly start to abuse, then there will be sanctions like in Estonia – deprive, close, etc. There are fuses, and this is normal practice, this is how it works all over the world,” Zablovsky emphasized.

As reported, closed beta testing of the e-residency service for foreign entrepreneurs who intend to pay taxes in Ukraine has begun in Ukraine.


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