• 16/06/2024 03:15

The IMF told where Ukraine can get money for additional mobilization

 В МВФ рассказали, где Украине взять деньги на дополнительную мобилизацию

The IMF said it is helping to protect vulnerable populations and pay wages.

The head of the European Department of the International Monetary Fund, Alfred Kemmer, believes that Ukraine must generate domestic revenues to meet the growing costs of war and mobilization.

The Voice of America reports this.

“I always make it very clear that we expect domestic revenues to be generated. A stronger economy, structural reforms that support economic activity, better governance will provide additional tax revenues,” Kemmer said.

The head of the IMF's European office noted that the Ukrainian authorities should improve management, in particular use the National Revenue Strategy, approved by the Cabinet of Ministers, to ensure additional spending.

Kemmer said the IMF and other international donors are helping the Ukrainian government protect vulnerable populations and pay wages and pensions during the war. He said that this is exactly what the IMF program in the amount of 122 billion dollars is aimed at.

Let us recall that it was previously reported that the new mobilization bill has become a financial puzzle for the Ministry of Finance and Zelensky .

In addition, we previously informed that economist Oleg Pendzin said that Ukraine has not created additional financial opportunities for the additional mobilization of 500 thousand people .


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