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Cucumber prices have fallen rapidly in Ukraine

 Cucumbers have rapidly fallen in price in Ukraine

The market supply for this vegetable has increased significantly.

Cucumbers grown in greenhouses have rapidly fallen in price in Ukrainian markets and stores .

This is reported by the EastFruit portal.

Experts attribute the decrease in the cost of cucumbers to the warm weather that has prevailed over almost the entire territory of Ukraine since the middle of last week. This factor accelerated the ripening of local greenhouse vegetables.

The increased supply of cucumbers on the market forced Ukrainian producers to reduce selling prices. So far, greenhouse plants are selling cucumbers at 65-100 hryvnia per kilogram. On average, this is 32% lower than last week.

In addition, analysts point to insufficient demand from buyers and stable supplies of cheap imported products from Romania. Average prices for it on the market, as a rule, are no more than 60 hryvnia per kilogram.

Recall that in Ukraine a week later the cost of cabbage decreased by a quarter. This year the prices for this the vegetable is on average 55% lower than in April 2023.

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