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PrivatBank will temporarily suspend all payments: what caused it

 PrivatBank will temporarily suspend all payments: what caused

Online payments have been paused, and the operation of ATMs and terminals has also been suspended.

PrivatBank reported that all operations with payment cards “will be on pause” from midnight to 7 am on Saturday, April 6.

This was reported in the Telegram channel of the financial institution.

The message says that PrivatBank's processing center processes an average of 1.7 million to 3 million card transactions every hour, but their volumes are growing. In order to increase the capacity and security of processing payment transactions, PrivatBank is forced to carry out scheduled routine maintenance of the processing center.

“During the period of work on April 6 from 00:05 to 07:05 in the morning, the bank will temporarily suspend operations with cards,” customers were warned.

The timeout is introduced not only for Privat24 users. At this time, ATMs, self-service terminals and POS terminals of the bank will also not work.

“We usually carry out routine maintenance at night, when most clients do not conduct transactions,” explained the financial institution.

PrivatBank also advised its clients who plan to pay by card during routine maintenance to do so in advance or postpone making payments until seven in the morning.

We would like to remind you that PrivatBank has extended the validity period of all cards. Payment cards issued before August 1, 2023 will be valid for another two years beyond the date indicated on the card.

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