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Due to the blocking of the borders between Poland and Ukraine, potatoes have risen in price in Moldova – EastFruit

Через блокування кордонів між Польщею та Україною в Молдові подорожчала картопля - EastFruit

After four weeks of price stability, potato prices began to rise in Moldova last week; the average wholesale price for this product increased by 17% – to 7 lei/kg ($0.39/kg).

As Ukrinform reports, EastFruit reports this.

The highest quality potatoes are offered wholesale for no less than 8 lei/kg ($0.44/kg). This means that the price of potatoes in lei was equal to the price level in mid-November last year, and in dollars it exceeded this level.

In general, the price of potatoes in Moldova has returned to its highest December level in five years.

In early December, market operators predicted a gradual increase in potato prices, given the relatively low production in 2023 and the reduction in stocks of low- and medium-quality products in vegetable storage facilities of agricultural producers.

According to EastFruit, at the end of November – beginning of December, the process of rising prices for “borscht set” products in Moldova restrained the import of Belarusian potatoes and carrots.

But then, due to the “transport conflict” between Poland and Ukraine, the logistics of supplying Belarusian goods to the Moldovan market became significantly more complicated and almost doubled in price. As a result, relatively little Belarusian potatoes enter the Moldovan market, and their price is no lower than for local products.

Considering the high probability of continued problems with imports and the reduction in the supply of high-quality Moldovan potatoes, a further increase in the price of this product will most likely last at least until the end of 2023.

According to EastFruit analysts, if the wholesale price for potatoes in Moldova approaches the level of 9 lei/kg ($0.5/kg), and potatoes do not rise in price in Ukraine, then their supplies to the Moldovan market from the western regions of the neighboring country will become quite profitable . .

As reported, on November 6, Polish carriers began blocking truck traffic near the three largest checkpoints on the border with Ukraine: Korcheva – Krakovets, Grebnoye – Rava-Russkaya, Dorogusk – Yagodin.

Among the main demands is the return of the practice of permits for Ukrainian carriers, abolished by the agreement with the European Union until June 30, 2024.

According to experts, Ukraine lost more than 1 billion euros due to strikes by Polish carriers who blocked the work of checkpoints on the border with Poland.


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