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Exchange rates on December 22: how much will the dollar, euro and zloty cost?

 Курс валют на 22 декабря: сколько будут стоить доллар, евро и злотый

The dollar hardly changed its position, but the euro took off.

The National Bank set the official exchange rate for December 22. Compared to the previous day, the European currency sharply increased in price – immediately 1.22 UAH.

This is evidenced by information on the official website of the NBU.

Exchange rates on December 22


1 US dollar – 37.59 UAH (+4 kopecks).


1 euro – 41.28 (+1.22 UAH).


1 Polish zloty – 9.51 (+6 kopecks).

By the way, the banker told us what to expect from the situation on the foreign exchange market in 2024 and what factors will influence exchange rates.

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