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How to find out the size of your future pension in Ukraine: instructions

 How to find out the size of a future pensions in Ukraine: instructions

You can find out the size of future payments using the calculator on the PFU portal.

In Ukraine you can find out the size of your pension at the pension portal. To do this, you should indicate in the online calculator “taking into account the experience acquired in the future.”

Deputy Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Daria Marchak told Oboz.ua.

Marchak said that she conducted an experiment with her friends: she invited everyone to go to the Pension Fund portal and find out the future size of the pension. When everyone started looking, some had 18 thousand, others – 2.5 thousand.

It turned out that even those who now have high incomes will receive small pensions, but at the same time, he is registered as an individual entrepreneur and pays a single social contribution from the minimum wage.

The deputy minister advised that if you receive part of your salary “in an envelope,” you should go to your employer and negotiate to have your salary brought out of the shadows.

“In addition, understand that it is in the interests of each of us ( including mine) – work as long as possible. Accumulate insurance experience,” added Marchak.

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< h2>How to find out the size of your future pension

To find out the size of your future pension, you need to log into your personal account on the Pension Fund portal. This can be done using a qualified electronic signature (can be obtained online at your bank), by token, using “Diya.Pidpys”, Bank ID NBU.

In your office you will see a “pension calculator”. It already takes into account data on salary and length of service. If this is a future pension, you need to select the option “calculation algorithm taking into account the length of service that will be acquired before retirement age.” Then the approximate size of the future pension will appear.

Recall that in Ukraine, starting from 2024, the requirements for length of service have been increased: now, to retire at 60 years old, you need to have at least 31 years of experience. Those with 21 to 31 years of experience will be able to retire at 63.

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